Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 37

Ever since she was a child, Qin Zhiye had taken the liberty of treating her as an enemy, and now it was even more so. However, in a sense, perhaps she was really considered Qin Zhiye's enemy.

  Thinking of this under her eyes flashed a touch of mocking look.

  Qin ZhiYan's gaze sank, after a graceful spin, greatly lying in Pei NanMing's arms, her face dripping with happiness!

  The arena was even applauding.

  The warm atmosphere, dazzling lights, coupled with Pei Nanming's handsome face, noble and elegant demeanor, gentlemanly like an aristocrat out of the old Western temple.

  Qin Zhiye was really compelled by such a scene, and immediately stood on her tiptoes and kissed Pei Nanming's lips.

  Pei Nanming's eyebrows slightly trembled, then closed his eyes, and the two deeply embraced the kiss.

  The atmosphere in the scene immediately went to another level.

  Pei old man but his eyebrows jumped, although it does not show, but the heart more or less some unhappy. He is open, but not open enough to accept a girl's family at his birthday banquet, in full view of the public to take the initiative to kiss a man. Especially, this woman will have to marry into the Pei family in the future, married to his favorite grandson!

  The wine glass reflected the light, somewhat disoriented, Ruan Xi squinted at the pair of kissing people, apart from feeling nauseous, she didn't feel anything. And she completely did not notice that at this time, Gu Chi this looked at her with a sad and compassionate gaze. He didn't know how Ruan Xi would feel in his heart after watching such a scene, anyway, he himself couldn't watch it anymore! To go and make out with another woman in front of his own woman, such a scummy man does not deserve to have his Xi'er!

  Ruan Xi was not feeling well, after going to the restroom, she directly took a taxi back to the villa, remembering that the gift had already been given to Grandpa Pei she didn't need to stay longer.

  Gu Chi saw Ruan Xi's back and wanted to follow him, the female companion beside him immediately pulled him back, "I'll go with you!"

  The female companion had already seen that Gu Ji couldn't take his eyes off the girl in the corner, and her heart was indescribably hard and angry.

  At this time, Ruan Dong Yu walked over with a tall glass, also swept his eyes gently over the disappearing back, suddenly smiled, "Young Master Gu is leaving the beauty behind, where are you going?"

  Gu Chi's heart was enraged, but he had just fallen out with Pei Nan Ming, and now he also knew how to collect and check, a handsome face pulled up a cold smile, "Where am I going son, I still need to give you a report."

  Ruan Dong Yu to Gu Chi's words and actions show no concern at all, change let go of the smile and said, "Gu young master misunderstood, I just think that the beauty around you need you to accompany, since I'm more worried, then very sorry."

  Ruan Dong Yu patted Gu Ji's shoulder and turned to leave.

  Gu Chi clenched his fists and suppressed the anger in his heart!

  Ruan Xi went home and locked herself in her room until one in the morning, she didn't dare to fall into a deep sleep, but unexpectedly, Pei Nan Ming actually didn't come back. But this instead made her greatly relieved.

  Since Pei Laozi's birthday, Pei Nanming actually looked like he had disappeared and never came back, she naturally wouldn't ask Pei Yan about Pei Nanming's news, as far as she was concerned, Pei Nanming's absence allowed her to live her days comfortably.


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