Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 36

Gu Chi finally couldn't help himself, grabbing Pei Nanming's collar with one hand, and swinging his fist fiercely with the other, only only to hit it before being grabbed by the person who suddenly appeared behind him, "What are you doing!"

  Gu Chi turned around and glared angrily at the person behind him before realizing that it was Gu Qing, "Don't mind your own business, get lost!"

  The guests were all inside, only a few people who occasionally came out to smoke witnessed this scene, first dumbfounded, then stood for a while with the mindset of watching, now seeing Gu Chi being stopped by Gu Qing before falsely running over to ask what happened.

  Gu Qing pulled Gu Chi and didn't let go, and kept apologizing to Pei Nanming.

  "My cousin he's young and unintelligent, buddy don't take it personally."

  "Second brother, let go of me!" Gu Chi looked at Pei Nan Ming with angry red eyes.

  Pei Nan Ming, however, smiled in a cloudy manner, "Don't misunderstand everyone, Gu Chi and I were just joking." After saying this, he also deliberately straightened his collar, patted Gu Chi's shoulder again, and then left in a very elegant manner.

  Elder Pei was a man who kept up with the times, despite his age of seventy, his body was strong and healthy, and when he had nothing else to do, besides playing chess, he also loved to dance, and a ball was specially arranged for this birthday banquet.

  The people who came to bring more family members, the unmarried specially found a dance partner.

  The whole birthday banquet, except for the unpleasantness between Pei Nanming and Gu Chi, other things are very good. When the dance began, the waiters specially invited to the party began serving drinks and desserts.

  The inside of the old mansion was decorated in a retro style, and dancing in such an environment not only didn't feel incongruous, but rather added a bit of elegance and chic.

  The old man's dance partner was the president of his dance association, a very fashionable and enlightened old lady.

  After the birthday boy danced his first dance, the young people behind him began to take turns.

  Ruan Xi had been sitting on the side watching, with no intention of dancing. And after Gu Ji swung that fist, his right knuckles bruised and swollen, also did not want to dance, despite sitting next to a big beauty, but the eyes can not help but look at Ruan Xi, the pain in his heart is like a dense thorns, stabbing him bloody.

  Pei Nan Ming and Qin Zhi Yan sat together, but they were talking and laughing, it looked like that was simply a natural pair, becoming e recognized pair.

  "Nan Ming, you also ask me to dance." Qin Zhiye said daintily, in order to dance, she had already changed into a gown on purpose.

  Pei Nanming naturally smiled and agreed, taking her hand and walking towards the center of the lobby.

  They were the brightest protagonists besides Elder Pei, and the other dancers naturally retreated knowingly.

  Qin Zhiye smiled even more brightly and condescendingly. She looked like a peacock with its head held high. Her gaze was subconsciously swept towards Ruan Xi's direction.

  Ruan Xi happened to drink a mouthful of red wine, put down the cup and looked up instantly and Qin Zhiye four eyes.

  The complacency and pride in Qin Zhi Dye's eyes was undisguised, and she even deliberately raised her chin at her! This kind of naked. Naked provocation, Ruan Xi naturally understand, however, this only makes Ruan Xi feel funny.


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