Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 35

As Gu Chi passed by Pei Nanming, Gu Chi suddenly opened his mouth and said in a voice that only Pei Nanming could hear, "I advise you to stop right now, or else, after that, I definitely won't let you go!"

  Gu Chi stopped and let the girl beside him leave first.

  Pei Nanming looked solemnly at Gu Chi, his eyes pretending to be inquisitive and suspicious, "Oh?"

  Then Pei Nanming pulled out a box of cigarettes and politely gave way to Gu Chi.

  Gu Chi's eyes were furious and he gritted his teeth, "A beast like you . Animal, bullying a woman is something?!"

  Pei Nanming exhaled smoke, ignoring Gu Chi's anger and instead smiled and said, "Fowl. Beast? Oh, as early as when she was eighteen, she was my love . Man." The voice was low, like a devil, with such a thirst for . The voice was low, like the devil, with a flavor of bloodlust.

  Gu Ji is such a big man, all spine chills.

  Looking at Gu Chi's anger to make a move, Pei Nanming still spoke nonchalantly, "You can do it here, so that everyone will know that Ruan Xi has seduced me, not to mention that she has also done something. Ruan Xi has seduced me, not to mention that she has also become my lover. Man. Do you think, at that time, how will everyone look at her, what will happen to her?"

  Gu Chi felt like he had been struck with a muffled stick, his chest was boiling with anger, but he couldn't vent it, he could only stare at Pei Nam Ming with indignation, "You animal!"

  Pei Nanming good-naturedly snuffed out the cigarette that he had only taken two puffs on, "I'll remember your words, you'll pay the price. Also, don't show up in front of Ruan Xi in the future, or else you'll have a hard time not to mention that she'll have an even harder time!"

  Gu Chi was so angry that he clenched his hands into fists, his knuckles crunching, itching to punch Pei Nanming to death.

  But right now, he couldn't do anything except watch Pei Nam Ming smile in a dignified manner and continue to play the role of a humble gentleman in front of everyone, playing the role of a gentleman man who was considerate and caring to Ruan Xi in front of everyone!

  Why did Ruan Xi suddenly say break up so firmly three years ago, why did she never show up again once she left, and why did she resist so much when he wanted her that day!

  All this time, Ruan Xi has been controlled by a devil, tormented, even if she is in pain, she can only bear it, there is simply not even a person to tell!

  She had been living that kind of tortured life!

  Seeing that Gu Chi was going to be unable to suppress her anger, Pei Nanming laughed again and said, "Today is my grandfather's seventieth birthday banquet, so I think any grievances you may have can be kept for the time being, and then vented on another day when you have the opportunity. If something goes wrong today, everyone's face won't look good, affecting the relationship between the two Pei Gu families not to mention, probably Ruan Xi will also be very hurt."

  These words infuriated Gu Chi to the point of trembling, swinging out a fist fiercely but it grazed Pei Nam Ming's face, hitting the marble pillar directly behind Pei Nam Ming, "You'd better not hurt her again, or else, I won't let you off the hook!"

  Pei Nan Ming extraordinarily elegantly twisted his head to look at his fist propped up by his ear, then as if nothing had happened, he flicked it off, patted the non-existent dust on his shoulder, and laughed, "Won't let me go, that's a good way to say it, but what are you going to hold me back with? And what can you give her? The Gu family is indeed a big family, however, how many kilograms do you have in the Gu family? How much does your uncle think of your father? Your powerful uncle hasn't even given up on getting Gu Yinlin back into power yet, right? Gu Qing knows to focus on the family business, but you're here fighting over a woman, is this the legendary love child?"


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