Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 33

Among the five hegemons in e-city, the four hegemons except Pei's family are all here, and all of them are fathers and sons coming together to congratulate the birthday.

  Ruan Xi does not like to lively, but this is Pei old man's birthday banquet she can not be absent, therefore, she in order to figure quiet, early in the morning rushed to the old mansion, while the guests have not yet come to the first to prepare their own gifts sent up.

  Master Pei was naturally very happy, he is a person who has no shortage of anything, he may not be able to see into his eyes if you send more expensive things, and he may not be suspicious if you send less expensive things.

  So when Ruan Xi gave the painting to the old man, what he saw was not whether the thing was worth money, but how much of your heart was condensed in this thing.

  This painting out to sell, certainly not worth money, a painting work is not in place, is not the hand of a famous artist, the second painting of the landscape is not artistic, but the old man is in love with this painting, this is Ruan Xi's heart.

  Ruan Xi is not his own child, but when he agreed with Pei Yan to take her home, he decided to treat her like his own child, and he has been doing the same over the years.

  After delivering the painting, Ruan Xi sat under the grape arbor drinking hot tea watching Pei Nan Ming and Pei Yan greet the endless stream of guests.

  This kind of occasion Qin ZhiYan certainly will not be absent, since childhood, she and Qin ZhiYan have always been wrong, Qin ZhiYan always look at her in the wrong way, she knows that it is because of Pei NanMing's sake.

  The reason why a nothing orphan suddenly suddenly into the Pei family, can every day and Pei Nanming live together?

  At that time Qin ZhiYan was just pure childish jealousy, now the disgust, it's not so pure, why? Because in the eyes of outsiders, Pei Nanming loved her Ruan Xi!

  She thought, in Elder Pei's big birthday, it's better to try not to meet up with Qin ZhiYan, accompanying her in her act is just too tiring, and it's bound to affect the good mood of the day. She was now glad that she was only boarding at the Pei family.

  Sooner or later, she would leave the Pei family completely, so that she wouldn't have to keep getting entangled with people like Qin Zhiye.

  It was really forbidden to think about it. Ruan Xi had only just put down the hot tea when she couldn't help but smile, especially sarcastically.

  Qin Zhi Dye came, a festive dress, her proud body modified to perfection, and the smile on her face is even more pure and lovable.

  Such a person, not flower that is simply God blind eyes, fortunately God did not blind eyes, she is in the school is the school flower.

  As soon as she came in, everyone's eyes were attracted to her, Jin Liuyun was the most talkative, leaning on Pei Nanming's side with a bad smile, "This fiancée of yours, is really coveted, wherever she goes, she is the center of attention."

  Pei Nan Ming lifted the corner of his mouth and laughed, "You like it so much, how about letting it go to you?"

  Jin Liuyun dug his ears, "Really, you're willing to give it up?"

  Pei Nan Ming stopped talking, his eyes subconsciously swept Ruan Xi, but found that Ruan Xi was staring blankly at the two people who walked in through the door.

  It was Gu Chi and a beautiful young girl, looking at the girl's dress and demeanor, the family should be very good.

  Pei Nan Ming's eyes immediately flashed a cold light, but his face was still smiling, "What's there to give up, it's just a woman."


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