Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 32

< The woman renamed her, but no one expected that Pei Nan Ming actually smiled and pulled her onto his lap, a press, "Nice name."

  Gu Qing watched this scene with interest, her mind suddenly remembered a sentence that Ruan Dong Yu had said when she saw Ruan Xi at the entrance of her high school that day.

  He said that Pei Nanming's affection for Ruan Xi always felt a bit strange and, it seemed, beyond the boundaries. If I didn't know that Ruan Xi was boarding at Pei's house, I would have thought that she was his lover. People!

  At that time, he heard Ruan Dongyu's words, also did not take it to heart, after all, Pei Nanming around the love. After all, Pei Nam-ming has many lovers around him, and Qin Zhi-ye so beautiful fiancée, how could Pei Nam-ming be interested in Ruan Xi, who has lived with him since childhood and is still five years apart? And even if there really is, Pei's old man, Pei's father is afraid that will not agree. Even if you are looking for another half, you will definitely find a woman who is a good match for the family and can definitely help the family's interests to get married.

  Now it seems, but the more you think about it, the more suspicious it is.

  The girl sat on Pei Nanming's lap and completely stiffened, not even daring to move.

  Qin Anhua was a person who was used to mixing on the scene, this kind of thing he saw in his eyes also did not feel angry for his sister, born in this kind of family lineage, this kind of thing was inevitable. He wouldn't be foolish enough to offend Pei Nanming for such a trivial matter that didn't seem worth mentioning in his eyes.

  Jin Liuyun began to talk poorly, "Pei Shao's tastes are strange huh, actually choosing this kind of green . Astute woman."

  Pei Nanming replied as if he was in a good mood, "No matter what it is, you will get tired of it after a long time, and it's only right to look for new flavors appropriately."

  The little girl sat stiffly on Pei Nan Ming's lap for an hour, compared to the other veterans' ease of use, she was simply at a loss, wanting to learn from them but couldn't, but it was hard to find an opportunity to make money and couldn't give it up just like that, and if she gave it up, the bosses here certainly wouldn't let her go either.

  She is now riding a tiger, a dilemma.

  Pei Nanming playing cards, every now and then and say something to her, she was nervous, until the end of the game, she was tense.

  Pei Nanming did not let her do anything, but gave her a considerable tip.

  The little girl was stunned. Only after a long time did she look up and tearfully say thank you.

  Pei Nan Ming didn't want to say anything more, he wasn't a philanthropist, "You don't have to thank me, I'll send someone to pick you up tomorrow."

  Why would he take this girl? He was annoyed and didn't want to think about it more.

  But his mind couldn't help but conjure up, after he took Ruan Xi's first time, Ruan Xi's kind of terrified and fearful look.

  The first time he saw this girl, her figure was so similar to the way Ruan Xi was trembling at that time!

  Elder Pei's birthday banquet wasn't held in a luxurious grand hotel, but stayed directly at the old mansion.

  Back then, when Master Pei dared to say that he was the second in line in the political arena of E City, then absolutely no one dared to say that he was the boss.

  Now Pei old man retired, by Pei Nanming's father Pei Yan top, Pei Yan's strength compared to the year Pei old man slightly inferior, but also is the absolute hand.

  Although Master Pei retired for many years, his influence is still there, so most of the people who came to celebrate his birthday were political leaders and some bigwigs in the business world.


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