Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 31

Jin Liuyun immediately perceived this day Pei less mood is really very upset, also no longer say more, to the back of a few beckoned, "this day are less nonsense, Pei less mood is not happy."

  Qin Anhua went to the restroom, came in the latest, everyone looked at him with a look at the savior almost, thinking that this is, after all, Pei Shao's brother-in-law, more or less have to have some face, so next to Pei Shao's position to give him.

  Qin Anhua, Jin Liuyun, the second young master of the Gu family Gu Qing, plus Pei Nanming four people just make up a table.

  Some people are from childhood bare ass together, we can't say for Pei Nam Ming head, but Pei Nam Ming in the middle of them sent words, or did not dare to disobey.

  Now people have grown up, all over the world are out to break through, understand things are much more than before, naturally no longer as simple as before, the mall without father and son, everyone in the family interests naturally will not be modest, but leaving aside the family thing not to say, privately, or a group of people who share the same odor.

  E city has five hegemony, this five hegemony's relationship is intricate, there is no absolute friend nor absolute enemy, but today this scene is to let the other three people understand one thing, that is, don't look at the last time Pei Nanming called up Pei's family young master, but that doesn't mean that he with Pei's family to forget about the old grudges.

  They are not very clear Pei Nanming life against the Ruan family's reasons, after all, Pei Nanming's mother is the Ruan family adopted daughter, at least is also a relative, according to the ritual, Pei Nanming still have to manage Ruan Dongyu shout cousin. But last time invited Ruan Dongyu to Ruan Xi there to play cards is also cold.

  Moreover, Pei Nanming since the age of fifteen, has not entered the Ruan family once, but it is Pei Nanming's father Mo Yan also maintains the relationship between the two families, making the relationship between the two families quite good.

  "Oops, lost again!" Jin Liuyun slapped the table, "No I have to find a few girls to start my luck for me!"

  Qin Anhua gave a giggle, "Dude wants to find a girl directly, what excuses!" He also grew first class looks, a line set at a glance to know that the origin is extraordinary, and people like them, never lack of women around.

  Jin Liuyun frankly admitted, "not good, was seen through" pushed the cards in his hand got up and went out of the private room.

  Not long after, a group of girls in revealing clothes were led in, and in this group of girls, the one at the back of the group appeared nervous and nervous, kept her head lowered, her soft black hair covered most of her face, her legs were tightly pressed together, and she was very nervous and nervous, but she did not know what to do. Legs have been tightly together, small hands clenched into fists, looks extraordinarily nervous, should be the first time to come.

  The other girls into the room immediately eyes golden light, a look to know that this inside all are very good, this very good not only in the outstanding appearance, but also embodied in their body pricey clothes.

  Their handful of bets are they here a year's wages.

  The first three are standing side by side in a regular manner, waiting for the customers to pick, only the last one looks awkward and mute, not knowing what to do. Today is Pei Nanming's bill, the right of first choice naturally falls into his hands.

  Pei Nanming looked up from the card and casually swept a glance, he didn't have the heart to play with women today, but his gaze swept over that fidgety girl when he inadvertently paused for a long time, then smiled, pointing at the girl, "Come over here."

  Everyone present was a bit surprised, not expecting Pei Nanming to suddenly change his appetite and actually become interested in this kind of inexperienced and pure little girl.

  The girl jerked her head up and Pei Nanming's eyes changed slightly, even her face had a few similarities.

  The others were also a bit surprised, feeling that this girl somewhat resembled someone, but upon closer inspection was completely unlike.

  Warily walking to Pei Nan Ming's side, the girl's hands were filled with cold sweat "What's your name?"

  "Xi, Xi'er."

  The people present looked at each other in disbelief, they all suddenly remembered who this girl looked like, it was like Ruan Xi!


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