Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 30

Ruan family is a business giant, political power is not weak, but compared to their influence in the shopping mall is a big difference.

  In terms of influence in the mall, the Ruan family ranked first, while in terms of political influence their Pei family ranked first, the two families were family friends and had always had a good relationship, but now that had become the past.

  "Are you really not considering coming back?" Pei's father rubbed his forehead and asked.

  Pei Nanming looked at Pei father with sarcasm and contempt in his eyes, and finally snorted, "You don't need to ask again, even if you ask a thousand times more, my answer is still the same, it won't change!"

  Pei's father was stabbed by Pei Nanming's eyes with a bellyful of fire, copied the book in hand and smashed it over, "Rebellious son!"

  Perhaps because of too much anger, lost accuracy, the book grazed Pei Nanming's face and flew past, smashed into the door plate to make a bang.

  No matter how much one appreciated Pei Nanming's ability, a father faced with that kind of contemptuous expression from his own son would be enraged in his heart.

  Their father-son relationship had long since become stagnant, not just for a year or two. In front of outsiders, they could still barely smile and sit at the table, but behind closed doors, there was only anger left!

  Pei Nanming wrinkled his brows, simply did not have the heart to say another word to Pei's father, turned around and left!

  Pei father's anger went up a notch, "Stop right there!" No matter how old and deep he was outside, in front of his son, his temper became a dynamite barrel, which father can still be calm when ignored by his son?

  Pei Nanming paused for a moment and sneered, looking back at Pei's father, "You're not qualified to intervene in my affairs, what have you given to my mom besides letting her conceive me, and what have you given to me? When you are full of thoughts about that woman, have you ever cared about my mom's feelings? My mom that is a fool, will be so dead to you, know that you do not have her in your heart, but also in front of you to force a smile, where you like, even if she hated again also try to accept to force themselves to like! In this life, what have you done for her in the end?!"

  Pei's father stiffened, his face turning blue with anger.

  Pei Nanming turned around and walked away.

  "If you leave this door today, don't ever come back!"

  Pei Nanming didn't even pause this time, directly flinging the door open and leaving.

  The housekeeper heard the sound of the door slamming downstairs and knew that father and son were unhappy again, but she naturally didn't dare to say anything about the master's family, and when she saw Pei Nanming coming down with a tense face, she hurriedly said, "Is young master going out? I'll have the driver prepare a car."

  Pei Nan Ming although in anger, but also not a person who likes to relent, "No need, I'll go out by myself!"

  Upstairs, Ruan Xi saw Pei Nan Ming leave, finally relieved, thinking that she would be able to sleep soundly tonight.

  However, it's almost dark and still going out, tomorrow is grandpa's birthday again, where is this going? Anyway, it's not her thing can't think of a reason, so she didn't bother to think about it.

  e city center. Nightclub, 808vip private room.

  Pei Nanming leaned back in the sofa and gulped down the clouds. Not a general meeting, outside the door came in several men, all are a Zhouzheng famous suit, the leader of the one as soon as he saw Pei Nanming on the playful face, "Yo yo, buddy today's mood seems not good."

  Pei Nanming oblique pick a glance, "less nonsense, all sit down, today all-night."


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