Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 29

Pei's father's face was very good, Pei Nanming was too good for Ruan Xi in front of people.

  "Where did you run off to yesterday, a . Didn't come back for the night, we were all worried." Pei Nan Ming put down his teacup, glanced at Ruan Xi, and turned his eyes away.

  But just this glance made Ruan Xi feel like she had been scraped by a knife and had a feeling of her heart skipping a beat.

  She smiled a little stiffly, "I went to prepare a birthday gift for Grandpa Pei, sketching needs to grasp the time and delicacy, in order to wait for the sunrise, I had to stay outside for a . Night."

  Saying this, he handed the drawing board to the housekeeper.

  Pei's father was happy to hear Ruan Xi say this, "In the future, let Nan Ming accompany you, a girl alone outside, I don't feel at ease."

  Ruan Xi's eyelids jumped, peeked at Pei Nan Ming, luckily he didn't have any reaction, "Uncle Pei don't worry, I'm already grown up, I'll take care of myself. However, in order to let Uncle Pei rest assured, I will definitely let him accompany me in the future."

  "That's right." Pei's father turned his face to Qin ZhiYan and said, "You young people go ahead with whatever activities you have, I'll go back to my study to take care of something first."

  Qin ZhiYan immediately stood up, "Uncle Pei, you get busy, I'll have a private chat with Ruan Xi." Said smiling Mimi sitting next to Ruan Xi and wrapping her arms around Ruan Xi, "Ruan Xi, I heard that there is a new cafe in the city, the food inside is very good, let's go and try it sometime ......"

  Pei's father was even happier in his heart when he saw them getting along so well.

  Pei Nanming, however, glanced at Qin ZhiYan, his dark and quiet pupils had a deeper meaning.

  Ruan Xi was Qin ZhiYan's enthusiasm to make extremely uncomfortable, push away also is not obedient to her also is not, can only smile to cope with, you come and go mouth can not not heart say some hypocritical words.

  Qin ZhiYan left, Pei NamMing want to send her, she extraordinarily understanding refused, however, to the door but wrapped around Pei NamMing very birdie sent a kiss.

  Ruan Xi just in front of the window to the orchid spray, see this scene of sweat hairs are standing up, goosebumps is full of all over the body.

  Thinking that Pei Nanming had also made out with Qin Zhiye made her feel nauseous.

  When sending Qin ZhiYan back, Pei NanMing subconsciously looked up at RuanXi's window, and saw that she just turned around, and for no apparent reason, he was in a good mood.

  In the evening, the study.

  Pei's father took off his flowery glasses and looked at his son.

  He had to admit that Pei Nanming was extremely outstanding both in terms of looks and ability. From a young age, Pei Nanming had never been a talkative person, but the stubborn perseverance in his nature made this child seem extraordinarily rebellious.

  And since that incident, this child has become more and more sophisticated, the means of doing things is also more and more ruthless and decisive, but this does not mean that there is a loss of smoothness.

  He hoped that Pei Nanming in politics, relying on his own position and Pei Laozi's foundation, coupled with Pei Nanming's own talent, if you want to go into politics, you will be able to make a big difference like a fish out of water.

  But Pei Nanming stubbornly chose to go into business!

  Pei Nanming wanted to bring down the Ruan family, this Pei father's heart was like a mirror, very clear.

  However, to bring down the Ruan family, rely on power to work faster. He just couldn't figure out why Pei Nanming wanted to go into business, to beat the Ruan family in the mall.

  Is that what makes this child feel accomplished?


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