Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 28

Jin Chengfeng lit a cigarette and took a drag, "Aren't you afraid that your old man will be really anxious and do something?"

  Gu Yinlin suddenly accelerated the gas, the car violently ran out, Jin Chengfeng body slammed back, "Do you want to scare me to death or what?!"

  Facing Jin Chengfeng's dissatisfaction, Gu Yinlin thought of calm, "If you want to die so easily, how can you be a scourge? Don't worry, an outstanding scourge like you won't hang up easily."

  Jin Yinfeng seemed quite taken by these words, leisurely exhaling a smoke ring, "It's true that I won't hang up easily, however, you're different. Your dreams all rest on your hands, I'm not worried about your life, but I'm worried that he'll personally break your dreams in order to force you to go back. For you, how can you possibly fight him again if you lose your dreams."

  Gu Yinlin laughed full of concern, "If he really forces me to that point, then ......" Said here suddenly pausing, freeing a hand like Jin Chengfeng to ask for a cigarette.

  "Concentrate on driving, I still want to wreak havoc for a thousand years!"

  Jin Chengfeng shook his eyebrows to remind.

  "Then, I'll do as he wishes." Gu Yinlin suddenly picked up the next half of the sentence, causing Jin Chengfeng to look puzzled, and reacting in the middle of the day, he felt chills running down his spine.

  Gu Yinlin was usually very gentle and elegant, and was considered to be quite a down-to-earth person, but when he was really ruthless, even Jin Chengfeng, a person who had been friends with him for many years, felt a bit chilled.

  "That, what was that orphanage you were just talking to Ruan Xi about, why are you suddenly asking about there?"

  Jin Chengfeng decisively changed the topic.

  "Nothing, just asking."

  "Just make it up as hard as you can, it's because of her right? How's she doing these days?"

  Gu Yinlin frowned impatiently and said in the middle of the day, "That's a wild and accustomed cat, much harder to tame than imagined, and now she's still flailing and refusing to learn her lesson."

  Jin Chengfeng coughed dryly, "I really don't know what kind of vision you have, so many women chasing after your ass you don't want, have to think of taming so a small wild cat, I'm not worried about her, on the contrary, I'm worried that in the future you'll be fatally wounded by her."

  Said here and shook his head, "However, I say you this person looks quite modest and elegant, how do you treat women so rough, even I can't stand to see it, and then go on like that, she does not go crazy, I have to be crazy for her."

  "It would be good if she really went crazy, I will support her for ...... a lifetime."

  Jin Chengfeng's hairs stood up when he heard this, "You're a pervert. You're a pervert!"

  Gu Yinlin was very honest, "Well, since I met her, I have unknowingly become a pervert. I've become a pervert without realizing it. ......"

  Ruan Xi finished the painting already nearly ten o'clock in the morning, stretching a lazy waist can hear the bones creaking and crunching friction sound, it seems to be really too long to do.

  It had been a long time since she had held a paintbrush, her brushwork had gotten a lot rustier, and her drawing was a little rougher, but it was already her most successful work.

  After returning home, the family was actually all there, unexpectedly and reasonably Pei Nanming actually brought Qin ZhiYan back as well.

  Today's Qin ZhiYan looked extraordinarily temperamental, with some of the coyness of a great lady in her atmospheric demeanor, the degree of which was held by her just right.

  Pei's father was quite satisfied with this daughter-in-law-to-be, and the three of them sat together and talked and laughed.

  The moment Ruan Xi entered the living room, the atmosphere stagnated slightly.

  "Uncle Pei, I'm back."


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