Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 26

The fact that he had so many women, and after making out with so many of them, he came back to violate her, made her feel something particularly unbearable squirming in her body just thinking about it.
  Then a never-ending number of love . The demon of a man, who clearly had a fiancée, but also ruthlessly invaded . Slipping her and confining her. Confine her!

  She didn't even notice when the warm water came out of the bathtub, she just took the towel and scrubbed herself fiercely, itching to peel a layer of skin off of herself.

  She knew that no matter what, she couldn't get clean, every time she took a bath it was like self-mutilation, but the result, the fact still exists, she is Pei Nanming's lover, or the most unseemly. People, or the most unseen one!
  "Miss." The butler knocked on the door and shouted in a low voice. This was the butler's unchanged name for more than ten years, signaling that she was never a part of the Pei family.
  Her own hands of money is very limited, expensive can not afford to buy, cheap and can not take out, finally decided to do their own gifts, but what will do?

  She used to love painting, but finally gave it up because the cost of learning art was too high. Everyone thought she just didn't like the business anymore, only she knew exactly how much she liked it.

  e city east of the scenery is very good, the hillside of a large bamboo forest and some unknown trees mixed together, after the cold rain can always see misty water fog, sometimes, the water fog from erecting a dispersion out, and point the wolf smoke almost.

  Maybe it would be nice to send a pair of watercolors, so it was decided, so she bought the paints and hurried home, carrying out the boards that had been pressed under the warehouse and not used for years.

  Before leaving, she gritted her teeth and still left a note in Pei Nanming's bedroom, telling him where she was going.

  Despite really being afraid of him, and even starting to hate him a little, she didn't yet have the strength to jump out of his hand, so she had to endure.

  Ruan Xi rented a private room in the depression east of the city, with a balcony facing east, just enough to see the second day, the scenery of the mountains.

  After setting up her drawing board and getting her paints and brushes ready, she began to figure out what she was going to eat for dinner.

  Everything is good here, but it is too remote, far away from the center of the city, it is inconvenient to buy anything.

  But in such a remote place, she didn't expect to actually meet acquaintances, and she met two of them at once.

  "Yo yo, it's true that we don't meet anywhere in life!"


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