Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 25

"You're afraid, afraid of my family knowing or afraid of Gu Chi knowing, eh?" Pei Nan Ming sneered, "You were with him today, weren't you?" Fingers tightened, Ruan Xi's face twisted in pain, feeling that her shoulders were going to be crushed for him.

"I, I just had a meal together with him, we didn't do anything, really!" Ruan Xi explained fearfully, "You believe me, I really ......"

Pei Nan Ming's face became even more gloomy and cold, the irony at the corner of his lips was as sharp as a needle, "Really, you show me yourself!"

He abruptly pushed Ruan Xi down in front of the mirror on the dresser at the head of the chuang, "Nothing happened, did it?!"

Ruan Xi steeply stared wide-eyed, full of disbelief, the person in the mirror, lips red and swollen, several hickeys on the collarbone are clearly visible, even the chest has a shallow trace!

"No, no!" Ruan Xi grabbed the thin quilt and wrapped her body, "No way, no way!"

She was drunk, but she wouldn't not have felt a little bit of this kind of thing if it had really happened.

But now the marks on her collarbone were like ironclad evidence pinning her down, and it was useless for her to say anything!

She is not trying to keep her body for Pei Nanming, but she can't afford the consequences of betrayal, she is afraid of him, afraid from the night of the eighteen year old that wildly shattered stars and moon ......

"There's nothing to say, is there? Seems like you're quite the bitch! Can't wait for a few more men to come, can you?!" Pei Nan Ming ripped the quilt and threw it aside, slamming her onto the * and pressing himself down right after, "Or do you think I don't give enough to satisfy you!"

Ruan Xi grabbed Pei Nanming's wrist and struggled against death to explain, "I didn't, you believe me, I won't dare to do it again, you let me go, let me go, I'll be good from now on, I'll never see him again, I'll never see him again!"

Ruan Xi said and cried, big drops of tears wet half of the pillow.

And he was so furious that it was hard to extinguish his rage, ripping off his own tie without any pity and tying both of her wrists and chaining them to the *head*!

Ruan Xi like to see what horrible things, began to struggle to break free, mouth repeatedly shouted "Do not, do not! Please, don't do this to me, don't!"

He gritted his teeth and pulled open the zipper on his pants. ......

After this madness shattered a room cozy, only heavy gasping and sobbing.

The soundproofing effect of each room in the villa is first-class, and the people outside can't hear the sound inside at all.

After Pei Nanming was done, he also realized that her body still belonged only to him, however, looking at the person who had shrunk into a ball on the *, he did not regret what he did tonight at all.

He wanted her to remember this fear, to remember this torment, to have this fear and torment to constantly remind her of things she shouldn't do and never do, to have this fear and torment to tell her that she is in his hands for the rest of her life, never expect to escape.

He wanted her to remember, what she owed him, is still far from enough!

It wasn't until Pei Nanming left for half an hour that Ruan Xi stopped shivering, and it was only after another half an hour that she reluctantly got up and went into the bedroom's bathroom.

The person in the mirror was covered in hickeys, while at the collarbone were teeth marks, and the skin had bruised under the skin, turning dark purple and hot and painful.

She shivered, the sensation making her tremble, making her feel dirtier and dirtier.



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