Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 24

"Just cleaned the wound, miss just hurt a little bit outside the skin, didn't hurt the bones, the swelling will go down in a couple days." After the housekeeper finished, he looked at Pei Nan Ming's iron-clad face.

But in the next moment, the corner of Pei Nanming's mouth engineered a hint of a smile, and the housekeeper only felt as if he had let a cold wind blow at his back.

"Housekeeper, in tomorrow morning seven o'clock, I want to eat love da also cake, you at that time to me to send to the room."

Housekeeper heard Pei Nan Ming commanded, then knew Pei Nan Ming angry, deliberately make things difficult for themselves, cake store opens at five or six o'clock, she even if the shortest time to rush to it is also too late .....

Only to call in the middle of the night to set it up with the cake store owner.


"The table is collected."

After saying this, Pei Nanming went upstairs with a gloomy face.

But he didn't go back to his own room, but went straight into Ruan Xi's room, their rooms were across the hall from each other, they had always lived like this since they were young, and it was still like this when they grew up.

Ruan Xi slept uneasily, the taste of drunkenness is not pleasant, since childhood, she has not had much to drink.

Pei Nanming leaned against the door panel and stared at Ruan Xi, his eyes were sharp like a knife, scraping back and forth on Ruan Xi's face.

In the middle of the day, he pulled out a cigarette, walked to the window, and kept smoking, and before long a layer of cigarette butts fell on the ground.

"So thirsty ......" Ruan Xi's throat is dry and unbearable, even his voice is hoarse and hard to hear.

Pei Nanming extinguished half of the cigarette, poured her a cup of hot water, let her lean on his shoulder, and fed it to her.

Drinking water, pajamas slipped off the shoulders, revealing a large area of snow-white skin, Pei Nanming throat rolled up and down a bit, then frowned, abruptly grabbed her arm and ripped her pajamas away, a few messy hickeys in plain sight, Yan. Red like blood, stabbing his eyes.

Anger was like hot lava simmering in his heart and lungs, desperately needing an outlet.

She actually not only got drunk, but also indulged herself in making out with someone else, thinking of this, Pei Nanming was like a wild beast in a frenzy, itching to tear Ruan Xi apart!

And he really didn't suppress his impulses any more, but grabbed Ruan Xi's shoulders and pulled her pajamas, leaned down and pressed on her, wild and violent so that he had no scruples at all, just bent on torturing her and venting his heart's anger and hatred.

Not for love. Just for the sake of torture.

Ruan Xi's alcohol had passed most of the time after a nap, and she immediately sobered up when she was suddenly grabbed up and stripped off her pajamas. Pei Nanming's enlarged cheeks were gloomy and cold, and in his dark pupils, it looked like a bloodthirsty beast was hibernating, and at this time, the beast had already been awakened, and was eyeing her intently, wanting to chew her up!

Ruan Xi was terrified, but Pei Nan Ming picked the corner of his eye and viciously pinched her chin, "You can scream, as long as you scream out, I guarantee that your Grandpa Pei, Uncle Pei will know about us right away, and of course, the most important thing is, what will happen to you, that first love of yours *must* be very interested in confirming what's going on between us, right?"

Ruan Xi rawly swallowed back the voice that reached her mouth, grabbed the quilt and wrapped it around herself, trembling voice line pleading, "Please, don't be here, don't!"

Tears all over the face, that kind of pathetic posture, but only let Pei Nanming more disgusted hate.

[See you tomorrow, muahahaha !!!!]

The first time I saw you, I was so happy to see you, and I was so happy to see you.


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