Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 23

Ruan Xi knelt on the ground, feeling pain in her toes and pain in her knees, then she hugged herself and cried in a low voice.

Pei Nanming frowned at her, "What are you crying for? Drinking too much and then you start acting drunk isn't it?!"

"It hurts, it hurts!" Ruan Xi raised her head and looked at Pei Nan Ming with two tearful eyes, full of thick confusion, looking like a lost child who accidentally tripped hard while looking for an exit and fell miserably.

"Get up for me!" Pei Nan Ming's eyebrows throbbed terribly, a pull over Ruan Xi's arm, Ruan Xi lying on the ground was pulled up by him with force, inhaled a hard breath, her body was forced up by him, then her brain was too heavy had squatted down, felt pain all over her body, Pei Nan Ming ripped his arm all apart in general, "It hurts, I'm so sore, Nan Ming let go of your hand."

Pei Nanming will pick her up and then directly thrown into the bedroom on the chuang, ruthlessly strangled her neck, chest suddenly suffocated, Ruan Xi head lack of oxygen, but the brain is somewhat clear over.

Tears kept slipping from the corners of her eyes, her vision had blurred so much that she couldn't see that the person on top of her was Pei Nanming!

"Ruan Xi! You give me some clarity!"

Pei Nanming looked at Ruan Xi's red swollen lips and pinched her thumb hard.

Then he took a towel and rubbed her lips until Ruan Xi's lips were bleeding from touching him before he let go.

Ruan Xi's lips were numb with pain, and because of her drunkenness, she also pitifully screamed that her knees hurt.

Only then did Pei Nan Ming stand up, then peeled off Ruan Xi's pants and found that Ruan Xi's knee was red and swollen, and the other leg had been knocked through the skin.

He directly called out to the housekeeper, looking at Ruan Xi's rotten drunkenness he couldn't wait to strangle her, but he felt annoyed in his heart.

"Medicine box bring it here!"

When the housekeeper arrived, Pei Nan Ming had already put on Ruan Xi's pants, pulling her pants up from Ruan Xi's calf.

"You anoint her with medicine, I'll go down to eat."

Nguyen Xie drunkenly lying on the * said vaguely.

It made Pei Nan Ming's footsteps at the threshold lurch, then clench his fists.

Ruan Xi said, Gu Chi, my whole life you are my greatest happiness ......

A loud cracking slamming sound followed, scaring the housekeeper for half a day.

This is the first time the housekeeper has seen Pei Nanming so angry, in her opinion, Ruan Xi is just drunk not to make a big deal out of it, angry like this, right?

The housekeeper looked at Ruan Xi with heartache, this is a child who has known the world since he was a child, but unfortunately, he has been living in a parasitic life, it is so old that it is hard for her to look at him.

As for Pei Nanming, although he also made her heart ache, however, his attitude towards Ruan Xi, she was always not quite agreeable.

Even if that incident was so bad because of Ruan Xi, but Ruan Xi was after all innocent, and Ruan Xi was definitely the last person in the world other than him who wanted things to turn out that way.

However, this kind of thing, who could have predicted, even if they had predicted it, what could they do? Still can only sigh the sky has unpredictable wind clouds, people have every day and every day is a disaster!

Pei Nanming had no appetite at all for the food on the table, his face clouded over as if he might lash out at any moment!

"Young master ....." The housekeeper raised his eyes to look at his face and cautiously shouted.

Pei Nanming looked up and directly dropped his chopsticks, "How is she?"

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