Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 22

Gu Chi's face twisted together in pain, his heart seemed to be cut back and forth by something slender but sharp, the pain did not seem to be how intense, but that penetrated into the bone marrow, irresistible erosion of every inch of the nerves.
The road home is very long, he carried Ruan Xi walked for two and a half hours, turned half of the E city, before Ruan Xi sent to the door of her family villa.

Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming back to E city is not living in the old house, but with Pei Nanming's father to live together.

When the housekeeper opened the door, he was surprised to see that Ruan Xi was a drunken mess. Ruan Xi this child is also he grew up watching, since Ruan Xi into the Pei family door, has never done anything out of the ordinary, not to mention drunkenness, even a little bit of indecent words have not said a word, but today and a strange man drink into this way back.

The housekeeper helped Ruan Xi, carefully sizing up Gu Chi while saying thank you, always felt that Gu Chi looked familiar, and finally suddenly remembered that this was the young master of the Gu family, who had studied abroad for a long time, and had only recently returned.

Before he left the country, he even came here to look for Ruan Xi.

"Young Master Gu, please go in and have a seat."

Gu Chi smiled and shook his head, "No, I'll go back first, I'll pay a visit some other time."

"Then Young Master Gu take your time."

After sending Gu Chi away, the butler helped Ruan Xi carefully into the courtyard, and before he could enter the house, there were strong headlights coming in from outside.

The housekeeper immediately understood that it was Pei Nanming who had returned and hurriedly assisted Ruan Xi towards the room.

Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi's feelings how, other people are not clear, she stayed in the Pei family for many years housekeeper grew up watching them, in the end what is going on in her heart is still a spectrum.

Therefore, must not let Pei Nanming see Ruan Xi now this way.

Not yet helped Ruan Xi upstairs, Pei Nanming has parked the car striding in, carrying a cake box in his hand, saw Ruan Xi being helped by the housekeeper is still drunk and twisted, and, the room has the smell of alcohol, the original very good face immediately sank.

"Where's the master?" Pei Nanming didn't immediately ask Ruan Xi what was going on, but threw the cake casually on the table and asked about his father.

"Master had an important entertainment today and hasn't returned yet."

The housekeeper carefully replied back, "I'll send Miss back to her room first."

Pei Nan Ming frowned, took off his jacket, pulled the scarf and threw it on the sofa, "No need, I'll send her back, you cook me some late night snacks, I haven't had dinner yet."

The housekeeper glanced at the cake on the table and immediately understood what was going on, handing Ruan Xi over to Pei Nanming and hurriedly turning to the kitchen.

"Throw the cake away, the farther away the better." Pei Nanming said this extremely calmly, unable to hear any joy or anger.

The housekeeper, however, stiffened, and in the end didn't dare to say anything, following Pei Nanming's instructions.

She was the housekeeper and naturally knew exactly what she should say and do.

Ruan Xi was completely dragged upstairs by Pei Nan Ming, when going up the stairs, several times she tripped and fell, knocking her knees, but Pei Nan Ming didn't even look at her, letting her drunkenly grunt and continue to drag her upstairs.

The last layer of steps, Ruan Xi lifted her foot without accuracy, directly kicked on the stairs, the whole person forward kneeling down.

Pei Nanming's patience also reached its limit, simply letting go of her, letting her fall down, and then towering over her, looking at this drunken woman with an iron face, just wanting to strangle her! And when he saw her slightly red and swollen lips, he was even more eager to dismantle her!

If you don't collect them, drag them out and molest them for two hours.

The cold-hearted president is not overbearing.


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