Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 21

Lust. Desire raised its head in his body, and he felt as if he had changed as well, no longer satisfied with mere kisses, but longing for more, wanting to have her, to have her completely and totally!

Once this thought arose, it was like a demon crawling out of hell, forcefully overpowering his sanity, making him even more crazy and wanton.
"Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi!" He called out her name in a low voice, his hands probing into her sweater, and his kisses sliding down the corners of her lips all the way to her collarbone, becoming more and more fiery and scorching.

Ruan Xi was still so drunk that she didn't know the situation at all, she just grunted in a low voice with difficulty and twisted her body uneasily.

And Gu Chi did become even more frantic because of this action of hers, and under the alcohol, completely forgot that this was an offense! He felt like he was about to go crazy.

Ruan Xi, on the other hand, cowering uneasily from the discomfort in her chest and the deep-seated fear of that sort of thing, "Don't, don't, please don't!"

It was as if she was caught in a nightmare, where she was about to be dismantled and swallowed by the devil who had seized her vitals. She felt this way every time she had pleasure with Pei Nanming, so, after following Pei Nanming around for so long, those minuscule pleasures could never overcome the fear in her heart.

Gu Chi raised his head, and what met his eyes was Ruan Xi's pearly weeping face, large drops of tears accompanied by a distorted and terrified expression, setting off those originally bright eyes even more hollow.

The throbbing pain that suddenly hit his heart made his brain suddenly awake, and the agitation of his body also calmed down like cold water was poured on him.

"What the ...... hell am I doing!" He scratched his hair in chagrin and organized Ruan Xi's clothes carefully, holding him tightly in his arms, "I'm sorry, Xi'er I'm sorry, I ......"

He gently patted Ruan Xi, carefully soothing, "I'm sorry, Ruan Xi don't be afraid, I'm sorry ......"

His behavior certainly made him feel nasty, but this time it made him realize that Ruan Xi instinctively resisted this kind of thing, one could even say that it was fearful, this was not normal, so what had happened?

Gu Chi's eyes flashed with hatred, who else but Pei Nan Ming. But he was never willing to believe that Pei Nanming could do that kind of heavenly thing to Ruan Xi.

Incredibly compassionately stroked Ruan Xi's slightly red and swollen lips, "Ruan Xi even if you don't say it, I'm going to find out everything Pei Nanming did to you, and I'll double what you endured for you to get it back."

Ruan Xi finally quieted down and resumed giggling.

Sure enough, he was drunk.

On the way back.

Ruan Xi lay on Gu Chi's back, waving her little hands and giggling, "Do you know what I wished for?"

Gu Chi shushed and said softly, "If you say it, the wish won't come true ......"

The sky has long been dark, cars are coming and going on both sides of the road, colorful signboards are hanging on the storefronts that are permeated with antiquity, stretching their backs to a long length.

Ruan Xi's drunken eyes were misty, lying on his ear and murmuring lowly, "My wish is, Gu Chi, you must be happy, must be very happy very happy, even with my share together, happiness goes on ......"

Gu Chi's body stiffened for a moment, and subconsciously asked, "Ruan Xi ..... How can I be happy without you?"

Ruan Xi's left face was pressed against the right side of Gu Chi's face and didn't make another sound.

"If there was no Pei Nanming, would your happiness be me?"

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