Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 25 - Blushing at him


This answer instantly puzzled Nan Xi.

This weather, the night should be around 20 degrees, how and "hot" can not be associated with ah.

However, when she thought of the wine he drank during the day, Nan Xi instantly realized: "You drank wine, it must be the effect of alcohol, go and take a shower, you'll feel better afterward."

Lu Jian Shen thought about it, it made sense.

He nodded, "Go get my pajamas."

Nanxi: ""

She refused with a red face, "Take your own pajamas yourself."

"If you don't take them, then I'll just come out after the shower!" Lu Jianxuan said.

Nanxi glanced at him, then silently turned around to help him find his pajamas.

But how come she hadn't realized before that someone had such a rogue side?

After finding the pajamas, Nan Xi threw them to him.

Who knew that someone would give an inch.

Lu Jian Shen directly stood up, then stretched out his hands and stood in front of Nanxi like an emperor: "Take off my clothes."

This was treating her like a little servant?

"Lu Jian Shen, this is not like you at all, when did you get so lazy?"

He didn't retort, squinted his eyes and nodded, "Well, I also don't feel like myself, so do you help me or not, if you don't then I'll go in to take a shower without my pajamas, and in a while I'll still come straight out."


Big scoundrel.

Nan Xi could only surrender her arms and walk up to him on her tiptoes, then reach out to help him unbutton his shirt.

Because the first two buttons had already been undone, Nan Xi started directly with the third one.

But she felt that Lu Jianxuan was disturbing her.

The breath he exhaled was like it carried magic power, always stirring her mind.

Especially with the two of them standing so close, his breath carried the smell of alcohol, all enveloping her.

Nan Xi felt that even the air had become thinner, and now she also felt that today's weather was exceptionally hot.

It was just that someone was still unaware of it, and even got a little closer to her.

Nan Xi hastily reached out and pushed him, "You, you stay away from me."

After reaching out, Nan Xi regretted it.

Because the position her small hand was currently pressing on was right in front of someone's chest, and his skin was like fire, hot to the core, burning her hand.

Especially the heartbeat of his left atrium, which was currently vibrating powerfully one by one through the palm of her hand, right into the center of her hand.

At that moment, Nan Xi had an illusion, as if her and his hearts were intertwined.

It was tightly connected.

As if they were the two closest people in this world.

However, it was only an illusion.

"Comfortable?" Suddenly, Lu Jianxuan's voice came.

Nan Xi was confused, still a bit unresponsive to what it meant.

Lu Jianxuan looked down at her hand, "Looking at you, it seems like you enjoy touching it?"

Nanxi immediately reacted and violently removed her hand.

When she unbuttoned the last button of her shirt for him, Nanxi's fingers trembled uncontrollably.

It wasn't that she hadn't seen good-looking men before.

But the body of a man, she had only seen Lu Jian Shen's in her entire life.

And his body was so good that it was absolutely, explosively sexy.

Wheat-colored skin, solid and powerful muscles, coupled with sexy eight-pack abs, this is simply a body that makes all women crazy.

Coupled with that kind of handsome like faceted, deep contours of the skin, who can refuse ah.

The more Nan Xi thought about it, the more her small face reddened.

What to do?

She felt thin air again.

Feeling hot again!

It's all his fault, nothing to make her undress him for anything.

"At your speed, it'll be dawn by the time I finish showering." Lu Jianxuan's voice rang overhead.

Nan Xi indignantly muttered, "Who let you have nothing to do with growing such a good-looking skin for? It's not even if the skin is good, but you also get such a sexy set of body."

"Can I understand that Mrs. Lu is praising me?"

Suddenly, Lu Jianxuan leaned over, and his low, deadly voice sounded right in Nan Xi's ears.

How could Nanxi not expect that her broken thoughts were heard by him, and that he even responded to her?

To hell with it!

Nanxi ah Nanxi, are you stupid, how did you let him hear you!

She bit her pink lips, already regretting it in her heart.

On the contrary, someone vowed not to stop until he got an answer from her, "Why isn't Mrs. Lu talking?"

Nan Xi felt that the day had died of conversation.

She couldn't talk anymore.

"If Mrs. Lu doesn't say anything again, I'll take it as a default."


After two seconds of silence, Lu Jianxuan's voice pressed against Nanxi's ear and sounded again, "Thank you Mrs. Lu for your appreciation, I will continue to work hard."

Did she say a word from start to finish?

When did this man become so self-absorbed.

However, Nan Xi has to admit, his mouth a mouthful of "Mrs. Lu", a mouthful of "Mrs. Lu" heard her a little bit of blossom.

Today's night is the last night.

She told herself not to think about anything.

Just immersed in their marriage, as they are the most loving couple.

She wasn't greedy, just this night was enough.

"I didn't say anything, you said it yourself." Nan Xi deliberately said arrogantly.

Lu Jian Shen was really unhappy, "You've looked, touched, and used, and now you're denying it, Nanxi, you're so scummy!"

Nanxi raised her head and indignantly returned to him, "When did I use it? Don't accuse me falsely, your flesh grows on you, how can I use it?"

Lu Jianxuan smothered a laugh.

He felt that he should be kind enough to remind her.

"Then let's see, those nights, who was the one who was lying on top of me, begging for mercy non-stop, and"

Before Lu Jian Shen could finish his words, Nan Xi covered his lips, "Don't you say it."

He doesn't want to be ashamed, but she still wants to be ashamed.

Such a thing, so private, how can he directly say it.

Besides, her skin is thin, and she blushes easily when she hears about it.

This day can't go on chatting.

If they chatted any longer, Nan Xi felt that she would die suddenly here from her rapid heartbeat.

With a bark, she unbuckled his belt and pulled it straight out, then shoved the pajamas into his hands and pushed him into the bathroom, "You quickly go wash, if you don't, the sky will be bright."

This little girl, she learns these words very quickly.

Standing under the shower, Lu Jian Shen suddenly felt that this bath was getting hotter and hotter.

Especially his body, it was as hot as fire under the hot water.

His whole body was like on fire, desperately in need of an outlet to vent, an impulse exploded fiercely in his body, and under the hot water, it was instantly aroused.

When he drank the medicine, he had felt that bowl of sobering soup was strange.

Now, his body's reaction had told him exactly what had been added to that bowl of medicine.

No need to think, this trick was definitely his mom's idea.

Right, Nanxi's bowl of bird's nest.

Thinking of this, Lu Jian Shen immediately finished his shower, not even wearing his pajamas, he directly wrapped a towel around him and went out.

Just as he opened the door, he happened to see Nanxi picking up the bowl, ready to drink the bird's nest.

Lu Jian Shen immediately spoke, "Nanxi, don't drink it."

Nanxi blinked her eyes and looked at him in confusion, "Why?"


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