Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 24 - Helping Nanxi abuse the scum to take out her anger.

The pair of metal chopsticks slammed with a thumping force on the thick wooden table.

In the next moment, Lu Jian Shen slowly got up, his slender fingers pointing at Lu Rou and Yang Ying as he coldly and unflinchingly spoke, "Now, immediately blow these two people out of the room for me."


Lu Rou trembled her lips, completely unable to believe what she heard.

Today was Grandpa's 80th birthday, such an important occasion, and Brother Lu actually wanted to throw her and her mother out.

Moreover, how could she not have imagined that she was just counting out his wife who couldn't see the light of day for a couple of sentences, but she was going to be thrown out by him.

"What? I didn't say it clearly enough, why are you still frozen?"

Seeing that Uncle Zhou didn't move, Lu Jian Shen became more and more furious, his dark eyes as cold as ice.

Now, Uncle Zhou also knew that the young master was not trying to show off his anger for a while, but was really angry.

But this Lu Rou and Yang Ying, after all, is the Lu family, although it is a few generations away, but it is also the surname Lu.

Zhou Bo was a little hesitant, and looked to Elder Master Lu.

"Old master, young master's words."

Grandpa Lu looked at Uncle Zhou and nodded, "Just do what he said."

Lu Rou and Yang Ying originally held a little hope that Grandpa would back them up, but they didn't expect that even Grandpa wouldn't help them.

Soon, the Lu Family's bodyguards came in.

They stood next to that Yang Ying and Lu Rou with one left and one right, stout to the extreme: "Please follow us out."

Lu Rou sat still as she blinked her eyes and looked at Elder Lu with a pitiful look.

"Grandpa, although I'm not your own granddaughter, but I'm at least a member of the Lu family, today is your 80th birthday, such a joyous day, do you really want to blow me and mom out?"

"Dad has been gone for so many years, all these years it's me and mom who are alone and dependent on each other, is it hard for you to be genuinely cruel to me like this?"

It had to be said that Lu Rou's misery was very much in place.

This was also the reason why Zhou Bo looked at the old master again after Lu Jian Shen gave his order.

Lu Rou's father, Lu Zhaoliang, had passed away a few years ago, and since his father passed away, the mother and daughter had been bullied and suffered a lot.

If it wasn't for Old Master Lu taking care of them on the basis that they were still distant relatives of the Lu family, I'm afraid they wouldn't have known what to live for.

Originally, remembering that they were from the Lu family, they kindly extended a helping hand, but today, they even dared to publicly humiliate his granddaughter-in-law on the table, which was something that Old Master Lu could never tolerate.

"Grandpa, I know I'm wrong, it's my mouth, I shouldn't have laughed at brother Lu's wife, please forgive me and mom once!"

"Grandpa, I'm sorry, I really know I'm wrong."

Lu Rou's attitude of admitting her mistake was so sincere, crying bitterly, that Elder Lu's heart almost went soft.

At this time, Yang Ying also seized the opportunity, she looked at Yun Shu and grabbed her arm.

"Sister-in-law, although Zhaoliang and Mingbo are not blood brothers, but only cousins, but in the end they are family, they are the same grandfather, for the sake of me calling you sister-in-law for so long, please help us persuade them."

Over the years, Yun Shu had indeed taken care of Lu Zhaoliang and Lu Mingbo quite a bit, remembering their cousinhood.

Sometimes, one would also hear the mother and daughter's arrogant remarks.

But thinking that it was the Lu family after all, as long as it wasn't too much, she didn't pursue it.

Unexpectedly, it was her indulgence that raised the mother and daughter's current greedy, bullying, vain and wealth-seeking character.

Yun Shu didn't move and withdrew her arm, then looked at Yang Ying, "You're right, you've called me sister-in-law for so many years, I shouldn't have been so righteous, but have you mother and daughter ever remembered my goodness, and who was it that Lu Rou just mocked?"

"She mocked See Shen's wife, isn't that mocking See Shen and mocking me?"

The words were already here, if Yang Ying and Lu Rou just obediently went out, the Lu family would not make things difficult for them in the future.

But on the contrary, the two didn't know what to do, Lu Rou pushed the bodyguard away and cried like a pear, "Grandpa, you can't do this to me."


Lu Rou cried and ran over, unexpectedly kneeling down directly next to Elder Lu.

The banquet was in full swing, and Lu Rou's crying naturally attracted a lot of stares.

"I'll give you three seconds to stop crying right now."

Under Lu Jian Shen's eyes, Lu Rou obediently shut her mouth.

Yun Shu looked at her out of the corner of her eye and spoke, "There's a matter that I originally didn't want to bring out and say, wanting to save some face for you mother and daughter, but since you don't want this face, I'm not going to be polite."

"Just now Nanxi was pushed into the pool, do you know who pushed her?"

As soon as these words came out, Lu Rou immediately turned pale.


She had an impression of this name, she had heard that it was an orphaned girl adopted by her grandfather, very favored.

She didn't expect it to be her, the one sitting next to her grandfather.

"You pushed?" Lu Jian Shen looked at Lu Rou, that cold gaze seemed like he wanted to lynch her.

Lu Rou instantly wimped out, she opened her mouth and just asked for forgiveness, Lu Jian Shen suddenly stretched out his hand, grabbed her hand and walked to Nan Xi.


His cold voice threatened in Lu Rou's ear.

Lu Rou shivered and immediately apologized in tears, "I'm sorry, Sister Nanxi, I was wrong, I shouldn't have pushed you."

"This time it's fortunate, I'm fine, you should pay attention in the future."

Today was Grandpa's birthday, Nanxi didn't want to make a big deal out of it, so she nodded her head as forgiveness.

The next moment, she saw Lu Jian Shen directly carry Lu Rou and throw her outside.

Not bad, "thrown" out.

Yang Ying no longer had the face to beg for forgiveness, and followed Lu Rou out with a gray face.

Only then did the banquet return to normal.

Seeing her grandfather in a good mood, not too affected by Lu Rou, Nan Xi was relieved.

She hurriedly peeled a shrimp and put it into Master Lu's bowl, "Grandpa, this shrimp is so tender, try it."


Elder Lu tasted it and nodded, "Well, it's very tender, it's really good."

After a busy day, after dinner in the evening, Nan Xi could finally return to her room to rest.

Nanxi was a little sleepy and wanted to take a shower and go to bed early, so she took her pajamas and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Hearing a knock on the door, Lu Jianxin went to open the door.

"Young master, this is what madam personally boiled for you and young madam, this one for you is sobering soup, madam said that seeing as you drank a lot of alcohol during the day, sobering up will make your body feel better."

Lu Jian Shen dropped his gaze on the other transparent glass calabash, and Mrs. Zhou hurriedly explained.

"This one is the young lady's bird's nest, girls drink it well to soften and rejuvenate their skin, and to improve their beauty; the young lady will definitely like it."

"Good, thank mom for me."

Lu Jian Shen went in with two cups of something.

Seeing that the sobering soup was at the right temperature, and he did have a bit of a headache, he didn't even think about it and just drank it.

After drinking it, Lu Jian Shen frowned.

Why is this sobering soup strange?

It always felt a bit different from usual, as if it had a bit of Chinese medicine flavor.

When Nanxi came out of the shower, her face was red and her skin was practically unbreakable.

When she saw Lu Jian Shen had already taken off his shoes, undone his tie, and unbuttoned two buttons of his white shirt, and the whole person was sitting on a chair with a rosy face, she was surprised.

"What's wrong with you? Is it hard to drink?" Nanxi asked.

Lu Jianxuan shook his head and said, "I'm hot."


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