Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 23 - It takes a lot of pain to die.

Nan Xi's heart was in direct chaos, she suddenly didn't know what she should do?

Lu Jian decided to bring Fang Qinglian here, was he already unable to hold back, so he was going to introduce Fang Qinglian's identity to everyone?

What about her? Shen

What was she?

Nan Xi's face instantly turned pale, and with a snap, the phone fell from her hands.

Seeing this, Mrs. Zhou hurriedly picked it up, ''Young lady, what's wrong? You look so pale, did young master say something?"

Nan Xi nodded blankly, "No."

"Excuse me, I'm going to the restroom."

Standing beside the sink, Nan Xi suddenly poured cool water desperately to clean her cheeks like she was crazy.

She didn't remember how many times she washed, and only when her entire cheeks were so cold that they didn't have a trace of warmth, and her hands were so cold that they were straight up red, did she raise her head, ruffle a handful of hair, and look at herself.

In the mirror, she was obviously wearing the most gorgeous and beautiful clothes, the most gentle and beautiful makeup, and the most expensive jewelry and necklaces, but at this moment, she felt like a clown, wretched to the extreme.

Obviously, she had promised that once her grandfather's birthday was over today, she would mention the divorce to him tomorrow.

It was only half a day.

Only half a day, and he couldn't even wait.

Seeing that Nanxi had gone in for a bit too long, the water in the restroom had been running wildly.

Sister-in-law Zhou was afraid that something had happened to her, and worriedly knocked on the door outside: "Young lady, are you ready?"


Not hearing Nanxi's reply, Sister-in-law Zhou was a bit anxious and shouted again, "Young Lady"

At this time, Nan Xi opened the door and looked at Mrs. Zhou with a gentle smile, "I'm ready, let's go down!"

"Still waiting for young master?"

Nan Xi shook her head, "No need, he'll be here soon."

Besides, he didn't need her waiting anymore.

In the bathroom, Nan Xi thought about whether she wanted to go down a hundred times.

If she didn't want to go down, she could actually refuse, but she still came down.

For one thing, she didn't want to disappoint her grandfather, didn't want to leave regrets on his birthday; as for the other reason:

Maybe by going, she would be dead in the water.

When Lu Jian Shen introduced Fang Qinglian in front of everyone, when he denied her existence, she might have really died of her heart.

There are some pains that you can only watch with your own eyes, so you can hurt your heart and leave completely.

When Nan Xi went down, Grandpa was already done, and the guests at the table had basically all arrived, with only two empty seats.

Nan Xi gently swept a glance and realized that the remaining ones were for her and Lu Jian Shen.

It seemed that he hadn't arrived yet.

Seeing Nan Xi come down, Grandpa took her hand and was very happy, "Xi Xi, come on, sit next to Grandpa."

"Okay, grandpa."

Nanxi nodded her head obediently and sat down next to Grandpa Lu.

At this time, Grandpa Lu saw the empty seat beside Nanxi and immediately frowned and asked unhappily, "Where is he? He hasn't come yet, what exactly are you busy with?"

Nanxi smiled and pulled Grandpa Lu's arm, smiling sweetly back, "Grandpa, you can this wronged my husband, indeed the company had a special emergency, he had to go."

"We all know that grandpa's birthday is definitely the most important, but if something really happened to the company, grandpa wouldn't be happy, this is your life's work, grandpa."

After Nan Xi finished speaking, Grandpa Lu's face soothed quite a bit.

"It's still you who can talk, that kid can piss me off as soon as he opens his mouth."

On the opposite side of the round table, Lu Rou had even shot through her eyes when she watched Nan Xi and Grandpa Lu get together to talk, and also coaxed the old man to smile.

She was especially furious when she realized that that person was still the one she had just pushed down the pool.

Yang Ying tugged on Lu Rou's clothes, "Rou Rou, who is this person, never seen him before, why is he suddenly sitting next to your grandfather."

"Look at you, you are a hundred thousand miles away from your grandpa, stupid as a pig, so good position, close to grandpa, and can talk to grandpa, why don't you sit there, let an outsider pick up the cheap."

Lu Rou was aggrieved, "Mom, don't talk nonsense, how do you know I didn't go to sit in that seat."

"What do you mean?" Yang Ying clearly sensed something was wrong.

"After I knew grandpa's seat, I immediately sat next to him and waited, but as soon as grandpa came down, he blew me off, saying that someone else wanted to sit there, and told me to sit here."

"Say you're stupid and still won't admit it, isn't there another seat next to grandpa there?"

Yang Ying finished, eyeing the seat on the other side of Grandpa Lu intently.

Lu Rou beamed impatiently, "Mom, what do you know? That's brother Lu's seat, how dare you go sit there?"

"Speaking of Lu Jian Shen, why hasn't he come yet, he's still late for his own dear grandfather's birthday, he's really no big deal, if you ask me"

Her words were just in the middle of her sentence when Uncle Zhou happily ran over, "Young Master is back."

The next moment, Lu Jian Shen's chiaroscuro figure appeared at the entrance of the hall, he was wearing his morning black suit, all the way through the large and small tables, finally walking to his grandfather's side and sitting on his left seat.

Nan Xi froze.

How come he was the only one?

Didn't he bring Fang Qinglian along?

As soon as Lu Jian Shen arrived, lunch was served.

Although Grandpa always counted Lu Jian Shen on the surface every time, he actually favored this grandson very much.

Plus, he was the only grandson he recognized, so who would he favor if not him.

On the table, Nan Xi ate somewhat tastelessly, and there was always a question in her mind: where is Fang Qinglian? Didn't they come together?

Or is it that when the banquet is over and the guests have all left, Lu Jishen will call her out again?

Her cell phone ding-donged and Nan Xi looked at it, it was a weibo message from Lu Jian Shen: "What are you thinking about that you're so absorbed in, you're not eating properly."

"Thinking about Fang Qinglian." Nanxi replied back.

Lu Jianxuan: "?"

Nan Xi didn't hold back after all and asked, "Didn't you bring her in? Why didn't you come in?"

"Eat properly, what kind of nonsense is going on in this little head of yours day in and day out."

"When did I say I was bringing her here?"

"Do you think it's you who's stupid or not? Or am I stupid?"

Nan Xi:"

Moving to undermine her, she really didn't hesitate to seize every opportunity.

Halfway through the meal, Lu Rou finally couldn't help herself and spoke on sight: "Brother Lu, where is that wife of yours? It's been two years since we got married, this sister of mine hasn't even seen a shadow, today is grandpa's 80th birthday, she's not coming out to show her face either?"

Lu Jian Shen glanced at her coldly, his eyes already full of warning.

If Lu Rou was sensible and obediently kept her mouth shut, it would have been fine.

But she was unaware of death, and had to bump into the gun, "Brother Lu, this wife of yours is also too unintelligent, it's true that she's from a small family, she doesn't respect grandpa at all, she simply can't get on the stage."

"Actually, we are just curious, no matter if she grows fat or thin? Beautiful and ugly? You can let us see her and relieve our curiosity!"

Seeing this, Yang Ying also chimed in, "Yes, see deep, your sister has a point, I also want to take a look, I heard that she was the one who pestered and insisted on marrying you in the first place, tsk tsk, she simply doesn't know "shame".

Before Yang Ying finished his words, suddenly, Lu Jian Shen put down the chopsticks in his hand, and his icy cold eyes shot over like an arrow.


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