Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 20

Ruan Xi also immediately realized something was wrong after she finished speaking, her face changed and her hand froze in mid-air.

  Gu Chi took the strawberries and ate them with a smile, "Strawberries are delicious too, they taste good! Quickly tell me what you wished for?"

  Ruan Xi awkwardly fills her mouth with a mouthful of cake, and for a moment looks up and smiles, "A secret!"

  Gu Chi looked at Ruan Xi pretending to be hurt, "How could you not tell me, I'm so sad. Ah, but it's okay, when you're happy, I'm happy!"

  This was supposed to be words to make Ruan Xi happy, but it turned out that Ruan Xi's heart was so hard that she wanted to cry, but her face still had to force a smile on her face, and after fiercely smothering two cans of beer, both of them stopped talking and began to wind up eating.

  In the whole room, only the sound of two people eating was left.

  The two people laughed and laughed and laughed, drank a lot of beer, said a lot of borderline words, and in the end, they were drunk into a ball.

  Gu Chi was a man, and naturally had a lot of drinking table comings and goings, so his drinking capacity was much better than Ruan Xi's. Ruan Xi was a drunken mess, but although Gu Chi was also drunk, his mind was still clear.

  "Ruan Xi, come with me, okay, leave the Pei family, leave Pei Nanming ....."

  Gu Chi wrapped the drunken Ruan Xi in his arms, he hadn't seen her so clearly and so closely for a long time.

  Still that Bai Xi beautiful melon face, still that pair of beautifully shaped shear water black pupil, just less naive and childish at the beginning, less will giggle at him simple, less jumpy at the beginning.

  Once in front of him, happy as an elf like girl, now the bottom of the eyes more confused charming and obvious sadness.

  Even drunk, still forced to smile, still pretending to be strong.

  Ruan Xi hiccuped and slapped his hand away, not listening clearly to Gu Chi's words, staring at Gu Chi and kept smiling, but her eyes gradually became moist, "Gu Chi, I'm so happy today... ...... Do you know, I haven't been this happy in years... ..."

  Gu Chi's heart throbbed, his fingers once again gripped Ruan Xi's shoulders, his finger bones flushed with a greenish-white color. "You're drunk Ruan Xi, let me take you home."

  Said go home, Gu Chi again a kind of hard, he really do no longer send Ruan Xi back to Pei family, to Pei Nan Ming side.

  Ruan Xi suddenly grasped away his arm, wobbling to stand up, the result of unsteady center of gravity, body slanting, backward step, tripped over a stool, fell straight backward, Gu Chi was surprised, reached out to take.

  People who have just had a drink, their balance is always not as good as usual, and as a result, the two of them fell down together and rolled into a ball.

  Ruan Xi was so drunk, this fall felt dizzy, lying on Gu Chi's chest, half a day without reaction.

  The heart is like an angry drumstick, beating back and forth against the chest cavity, almost breaking out, even the body's blood is surging with a state of excitement.

  Gu Chi looked at Ruan Xi's flushed face and reddish colored cherry lips, like being possessed, he rolled over and pressed her underneath, forgetting to kiss her.

  The mouth and teeth were still as warm as they were at the beginning.

  He remembered the first time they kissed, so nervous and innocent, remembered her blushing cheeks, after the kiss, jumped and ran away, just like active in the branches and leaves of the ground sunshine, naughty and cute.

  That was the nature that only revealed itself in front of him, that was the her that only belonged to him alone.

  Why did it now smell like things were different?


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