Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 19

Gu Chi looked at her hesitation and his heart tightened hard.

  Ruan Xi hesitated for a while, but still nodded her head and agreed, so what if Pei Nanming went back earlier than she did? This was in e city, in the Pei family, he wouldn't be as wanton as he was outside!

  Giving herself a piece of mind, Ruan Xi no longer had the slightest hesitation to follow behind Gu Chi.

  Everything seems to be back to the beginning, Ruan Xi is also like this behind Gu Chi. Completely different from other couples, and Gu Chi alone, Ruan Xi likes to step on Gu Chi's footprints step by step forward, so that she feels that there is always someone in front of her to guide her to protect themselves, not confused and not sad, where there is him, it can become her paradise.

  The idea is very simple, she had thought, they can always go on like this, when they grow up, she can leave Pei family to chase the life they want.

  At that time, the mind was always too simple, thinking that everything in the world could follow the blueprint depicted in their own hearts step by step, and eventually reach the end of the road they expected to reach.

  At that time, it never occurred to her that one day she would not be able to catch up with his footsteps, and that she would drift farther and farther away from him.

  She told herself, just indulge today this time, on her birthday, without any concerns to be yourself, to be happy, to be happy, to be without any burden. For the last time, with the person you have always loved, happy birthday.

  Haitian Street snacks is the first high school near the most famous snack street, high school when she and Gu Chi often a piece of sneak out to eat belly fat and then climb the wall back.

  That was the craziest and happiest period of her life from birth to now.

  Gu Chi, who looked gentle and elegant and had a good temper, was actually quite a bit of a biting student in high school.

  In front of people he is a good student, good looks, good temper, good homework, in a word, where all good, after people he is a little devil, dating skipping class jumping the yard wall, which are all good at it.

  Snack street is still a lot of people, the students are on vacation, the residents of the neighborhood has become the main source of customers.

  Into the Haitian Street they two people, they began to eat.

  Cake, beer, pickled fish, fried potatoes and so on, the same can not be missing! All of them were snacks that they used to order often.

  "Gu Chi, I feel like we're two crazy people!" Ruan Xi held her beer can and sighed at the table full of dishes.

  Gu Chi nodded his head and admitted, "Yeah, I also feel quite similar, people must think that we haven't eaten in ten lifetimes already, either that or we're just a mob, suddenly rich, so we're buying a table and eating half of it, pouring half of it!" While joking, he carefully inserted all the candles and lit them, "Come on, make a wish first and blow out the candles!"

  Ruan Xi put down the beer bottle and did as she was told, after blowing out the candles, she took a fork and stabbed a big strawberry for Gu Chi, "Here, your favorite strawberry!"

  Gu Chi's eyes changed, a little hurt, but quickly hid it.

  In fact, his favorite food was not strawberries but prunes! She clearly remembered it clearly in the past!


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