Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 18

Ruan Dong Yu threw the cigarette, some impatient wrinkled eyebrows, "I and that boy is not so close, do not talk nonsense, as for the aunt or something, hmm, but Ruan adopted a dog, for the Ruan family to earn in-laws interests of the puppet just! Pei Nam-ming that boy is to see the Ruan family is not good, want to bring down the Ruan family, hmm, where is so easy. If there was no Ruan family, where would he be today! He is the same as his mother, is a white-eyed wolf that can not be bred! Trying to bring down the Ruan Family is a daydream!"

  Can the foundation of the Ruan family be shaken just because you want it to be? Ruan Dong Yu snorted and knocked on the cockpit partition, the sedan suddenly started and leapt out far away with a whoosh.

  Unconsciously, still walked to the small park on Xiuyuan Street.

  Winter e city is still full of greenery, paved with gravel at the end of the path, sycamore trees have become from the wrist thick and thin with two hands to pinch over.

  Ruan hope to stay at the trunk of the tree for a long time, suddenly someone added a windbreaker to her body.

  Frightened to turn around, Gu Chi smile light and full of joy, "I know you will definitely come."

  Some shocked to look at Gu Chi, "You ......"

  "Nothing, I just suddenly remembered today to come here to sit, thinking that maybe you will come to see, I did not think that God is to favor me, you see, I really wait for you to come."

  Touched? It would be a lie to say that I wasn't touched, but even if I was touched, what could I do? Time passes, put everything a layer of things are not the same flavor.

  She and he, can never go back, no matter how reluctant, can not go back.

  "I was just in the neighborhood to help Grandpa Pei pick out a birthday gift and stopped by." Ruan Xi bit her lip and said.

  Gu Chi's smile was still bright and cheerful, "No matter what the reason is, you're still here, aren't you, as long as you're here, I'm satisfied and feel happy."

  "This, is for you, today is your birthday, right?" Gu Chi took out a pink box and shoved it into her hand.

  Ruan Xi was deeply shaken! Opening the box inside a crystal bright daffodil-like pendant lay inside the box.

  Yes, today was her birthday, but no one would remember this, ever!

  Grandpa Pei showed even more love, but he loved Pei Nanming the most, always Pei Nanming's grandfather, Uncle Pei showed even more tenderness always with guilt in his eyes! And Pei Nanming, he is probably the person in this world who least wants her to exist!

  "Gu Chi ....." She tried her best to smile, but as a result, tears still fell indisputably.

  Gu Chi's big smile was extraordinarily bright up, "Look at you, really but a small gift moved you like this? Really no interest." Said took out a handkerchief and carefully wiped her tears.

  "I am too touched, touched can't I?" Ruan Xi blushed slightly and pretended to be angry.

  "Can can, then, let me treat you to dinner, I haven't helped you celebrate your birthday for years."

  This was in e city, there was a big gang of young masters around, Pei Nan Ming would definitely be busy entertaining them, so even if he came home later today, he wouldn't necessarily know.


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