Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 17

However, remembering Pei Nam Ming's poker face, all of this was not enough to worry about, this demon was not to be messed with, at least until he had the ability to leave him, he should never anger him or alarm him.

  "This," Ruan Xi thought about how to muddle through.

  Jin Chengfeng himself opened his mouth instead, "Mesmerized by my beauty, huh?

  Ruan Xi felt a whoosh of coldness at her back, this man's looks were excessive even if it was not, but actually so narcissistic, I really can't figure out how that brain grows.

  "Yeah, I haven't really seen a man who looks more beautiful than you."

  "Thanks for the compliment."

  Jin Chengfeng honestly accepted it.

  Ruan Xi's eyes danced, do you think a man like this can not impress people? Simply a freak.

  "That, your rice bowl ran here?"

  Jin Chengfeng shook his head, "How could my rice bowl come here, I came for my rice bowl's girlfriend, my rice bowl's girlfriend's sister is studying here, it's not too soon for Chinese New Year, I helped my rice bowl to give gifts to his girlfriend's sister, do you think it's easy for me to be an assistant!"

  Ruan Xi rubbed her forehead, he said half a day, she only heard one meaning, that is, he fought for his rice bowl, even his rice bowl's girlfriend's sister is taken care of.

  Being his rice bowl is really happy.

  Ruan Xi felt something in her heart, "Then, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

  Jin Chengfeng waved his big hand and gave her a sunny "Bye!"

  Ruan Xi's body shivered with chicken skin, which fell to the ground with a crash.

  This man in the end there is no point of self-consciousness!

  Outside the school, under the French sycamore tree, a black BMW car, Ruan Dongyu lit a cigarette, inhaled a mouthful of leisurely spit out the smoke circle, "This can be interesting, Jin family has been away from home for many years, the second young master frequently appeared in the family reunion not to mention that, but also with her together."

  "It seems that this e city is going to change days, Pei family in recent years in the shopping mall, the front is getting more and more prosperous, even the most powerful Qin family in the shopping mall are eager to tie the knot, we also have to prepare early."

  The person sitting on the co-pilot, exhaled another smoke ring, "I think you have to worry about your own position, and put the position in jail first, but I have heard that your family's old man has been chasing after your younger brother who has been away from home for many years, and can't wait to tie him back."

  The person in the backseat seemed to have been poked in the sore spot, and was silent for a long time before he laughed, "How could I let someone occupy my territory, he wants to come back? Dream on! The Gu family has me but not him, he has him but not me! I say, Young Master Ruan, why don't you stop talking about me, it's more important to think about what's important."

  "I can't see that you Gu Qing is an angel with a scorpion's heart, I have to be on my guard, what if you sting me one day?"

  "Don't worry, I'm a scorpion with a conscience, even if I do sting you, Young Master Ruan, I won't let you die on the street. I think, what you should guard against now is not me, but your cousin Pei Nan Ming, according to my observation, since your aunt's death, he seems to have become hostile to the Pei family's Oh"


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