Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 16

The days of living in high school was the time she felt most relaxed and happy, not having to face Pei Nanming's paralyzed face and tangled eyes of resentment, not having to face the seemingly absent pity in the bottom of Master Pei's eyes, and not having to face the kind of guilt that was obvious when Pei's father looked at her.

  Slightly cold breath so that she can not help but to the palm of the breath, raised his eyes just in time to see a little familiar back from the opposite road walked past.

  That person suddenly stopped and turned back, saw her and immediately turned back, "Yo, long time no see."

  The second youngest member of the Jin family, the young master of the Jin family who played cards at her house that time was the brother of this person.

  Ruan Xi and him weren't familiar with each other, in total it wouldn't add up to more than five times, and the number of times they spoke wouldn't be more than three.

  Every time they met, they were pulled out by Pei Nan Ming to attend some family reunion. She didn't like that kind of occasion, so even if she went, she always found a quiet place to nest until the end of the party.

  Strangely enough, Pei Nanming, who forced her to appear, never accused her of her behavior, but rather was very happy to see this situation.

  Therefore, her reputation of being *badly* treated by Pei Nanming spread like this, so there were quite a few family sorority balls that she attended, but there weren't many gentlemen that she knew.

  She would notice Jin Chengfeng, the second youngest master of the Jin family who had left the family early, because his identity of attending the sorority was very special, naturally, he didn't attend as the second youngest member of the Jin family, but rather appeared as the agent of a certain famous pianist, and the ultimate reason why she was so impressed was that every time he brought news that a certain pianist was unwell and couldn't come to the performance, or else, a certain pianist had overindulged in excessive bodily weaknesses and was unable to appear in the performance ......

  The reasons were varied, but none of them were truly convincing, and every time he appeared, the Family Fellowship would become pandemonium, and the Jin family's old man was even more furious, his eyebrows quivering and his veins popping.

  "Long time no see." Ruan Xi couldn't smile naturally at Jin Chengfeng's face no matter what.

  Because no woman could forgive a man for having whiter skin than herself, a chin that was sharper than her own, a waist that was thinner than her own, in short, there was just no woman who could forgive a man for being prettier than she was.

  Ruan Xi was a woman, or a woman with a relatively broad mind, she couldn't even forgive, so it was obvious how fancy this Jin Cheng Feng looked!

  "Why are you here?" Ruan Xi was a bit puzzled.

  Jin Chengfeng cupped his chin and sighed, "It's not because of that worrying guy! Sometimes I really want to punch him to death, but when I think about it, at least he's my rice bowl, if I cripple him, I'll have to starve to death on the streets. The rice bowl is God. I have to endure."

  "I'm really curious, whose assistant are you working as that can make you suffer so much?"

  Jin Chengfeng gave Ruan Xi a strange look, "You actually never knew who I was working as an errand boy beside?"

  Ruan Xi shook her head, "I don't know."

  "Then what did you do when you attended the sorority ball?"

  Ruan Xi scratched her head a little awkwardly, feeling rather sad now, yes, so gorgeous sorority ball, why on earth did she go, and waste her youth and suffer.


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