Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 15

Holding the determination of the broken pot, she had the sense to wrap her arms around Pei Nanming's waist, "I know you also do not want to let Pei family know what happened between us, I beg you, not here, okay?"

  The glass of the car is very clear from the inside, but it is dark from the outside, plus the car does not turn on the lights, so it is simply impossible to see the people inside clearly.

  Pei Nanming because Ruan Xi you suddenly took the initiative to embrace yourself, there is still an indescribable flavor spreading in his heart.

  Let her go, but does not mean nothing, Pei Nanming palm cover the back of Ruan Xi's head, lowered his head and kissed, until Ruan Xi's lips tingling he only let go.

  "If you can learn from your mistakes, you won't have to suffer all this."

  Ruan Xi was panting heavily from his kiss, her head lacking oxygen, waiting for her to ease her breath. Pei Nan Ming clothes had already organized his clothes and pushed open the car door.

  The next day.

  Pei residence air is clear, last night it looked like a little snow, the temperature is still falling.

  Today is sunny, winter scarce sun, Pei old man closed eyes leaning on the old man's chair to enjoy the sunshine, next to the radio playing Beijing opera ditty.

  Ruan Xi tea gently placed next to Pei old man, afraid of disturbing the grandfather's pleasure.

  Is turning to go, Pei Nanming in a black trench coat, striding long legs are walking over to their direction, Ruan Xi has always been clear that Pei Nanming figure is very good, tall and straight, that's why Zhang Hitomi is so flamboyant to him.

  Ruan Xi saw Pei Nanming come, of course she avoided far away, greetings did not hit the legs away.

  Pei Nanming cold gaze cast Ruan Xi panic escape back, Ruan Xi like a demonic spirit that disappears at any time, so that Pei Nanming heart as if hit by the invisible strength, indescribable feeling?

  He cursed: dead woman!

  As a child, Ruan Xi is also Pei Nam Ming to avoid, Pei family members know that Ruan Xi is afraid of Pei Nam Ming, although the outside world Pei Nam Ming are cared for Ruan Xi, but Pei old man's heart knows that it is not so, so in the eyes of the old man met just that situation also did not notice where it is not right.

  Knowing that Pei Nanming has sat next to him, he opened his eyes slightly, and his mouth also hummed the tune on the radio.

  Pei Nanming handed the cigarette pouch to the old man in his hand and suddenly smiled, "Grandpa, the day after tomorrow on your birthday, I'll bring your daughter-in-law to meet you, don't scare her."

  Elder Pei frowned, then took the smoking gun and held it in his mouth as he barred two puffs of smoke.

  Only then did he address his grandson, "You're my grandson, I know very well what's in your heart. No matter what you do, I will support you, and this matter about the marriage is no exception. However, I have to tell you one thing, what kind of cause you plant today will reap what kind of fruit in the future. You have to think clearly whether that is what you want or not, lest you regret it in the future."

  "Grandpa don't worry, I've already thought clearly."

  Elder Pei sighed, somewhat helpless, "That's good."


  It's the dead of winter, even in e city it's a bit thin and cold, but compared to s city, it's much better.

  Ruan Xi gathered together the coat, wandering aimlessly, do not know how to walk to the high school school.

  The school has not changed much, only the trees are a little thicker, the fence rubble is a little old.

  Everywhere overflowing with nostalgic flavor.


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