Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 14

After Qin Zhiye left.

  Ruan Xi naturally followed Pei Nan Ming, but her self-consciousness told her that Pei Nan Ming was angry, and it was a big anger.

  Although in the car he didn't say a word and drove seriously, Ruan Xi was getting chills from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head, Pei Nan Ming's rage was unpredictable, sometimes before she could figure out what she had done wrong, he already had a grimace on his face.

  With is she is always careful, from time to time to observe the changes in his mood.

  The night of e city is not as lively as the city of s, but the night scenery is very beautiful, street lamps wandered both sides, light filled.

  To Pei residence, Ruan Xi head tilted, opened his eyes to look out the window of the villa, the brain is still a layer of fog, and then realized that he had fallen asleep in the car.

  For two consecutive nights she didn't get enough sleep, and during the day she had to do a part-time job, a whole bunch of courses and internships, and Pei Nanming tormented her, and she was able to pull through until now and really had to turn into Superman.

  The car is full of Pei Nanming's flavor, so that her heart gradually began to feel uneasy, she mechanically turned her head, suddenly frightened head tilted back.

  Pei Nan Ming an enlarged handsome face, close to himself. His hand quickly wrapped around Ruan Xi's waist, his upper body covering over.

  Ruan Xi was horrified, her hands braced against his chest, this was Pei Residence, the place she was most jealous of when she was with Pei Nan Ming, and the nightmare that was clearly burned into her mind when she was eighteen years old!

  "Not here!"

  Pei Nanming lowered his eyes, looked at her hands propped up on his chest, suddenly pulled over, ruthlessly flung to the side, a pinch on Ruan Xi's neck, holding her down in the car door, " The lesson of the last time, I see that you are forgetting? With me on the chuang, still want to get involved with him, I see you are both inside and outside!"

  Ruan Xi was stunned by his sudden outburst of anger, grabbing his wrist with both hands, shaking her head, "Listen to me, I didn't, I really didn't!"

  "Didn't, huh! Since nothing can even make you wipe your nose with tears, huh?!"

  "You believe me, I really didn't!"

  "Believe? You want me to believe? What are you going to make me believe? And why should I believe!" Pei Nan Ming lowered his head and bit hard on her lips, "You are just one of many women to me, and you have this honor to be one of them thanks to my tolerance of you!"

  Ruan Xi swayed and struggled, grabbing his shoulders with both hands, somewhat broken down and roared, "Then, you don't want to be tolerant to me anymore, please, give me a pain, okay, what do you want, although all at once, I've had enough of this kind of day, I've had enough!"

  Pei Nanming's face is even more iron blue, grabbed away her hands, by the way, swept her into his lap, held down, incomparable contempt, "Only this is enough? Didn't you say that you can not want to be happy to accompany me for life? Now it's just the beginning and you can't stand it anymore?"

  Ruan Xi couldn't struggle, simply gave up, limply paralyzed in his arms, "You torture me like this, will make you feel happy?"

  Pei Nan Ming froze slightly, then replied, "Happiness? I don't even know what happiness is! But torturing you will make me feel happy! For me nowadays, it doesn't matter about happiness anymore, as long as I see you suffer, I'm satisfied!"

  Ruan Xi smiled miserably, "In that case, then, as you wish."


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