Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 13

In fact, Ruan Xi did not realize that Pei Nanming's car had already stopped quietly in another place for many hours, and even more so, did not guess that Pei Nanming had deliberately come to pick her up.

  Pei Nanming's hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, his eyes had already stepped out of the fire, however, his handsome features did not have the slightest break.

  Qin Zhiye also shifted her eyes to the opposite side of the road and saw Ruan Xi standing there blankly, but her mind had already been taken away by the car just now.

  She smiled and said, "Ruan Xi still can't get over her childhood playmate, I heard that person is the young master of the Gu family, he also came to the New Year's Day show that day, and I didn't see Ruan Xi paying so much attention to him, it's hard to believe that Ruan Xi still has feelings for that young master?"

  Qin Zhiye said to herself, not noticing that the man next to her had already darkened his face.

  When she turned back to look at Pei Nan Ming, Pei Nan Ming had already collected his emotions and instead revealed a smile to Qin Zhi Dye, reaching out to touch her face, "That's their business."

  Qin ZhiYan heard, coquettishly smiled, for Pei NanMing's answer her heart is a burst of joy, she does not know why she has this sense of joy, as if as soon as you open when you say those words, is to wait for Pei NanMing to answer like this, "I'm going to go and bring RuanXi over here, right?"

  Pei Nanming did not respond, at this time, he even took one more look at the people on the opposite side of the road felt resistant to the eye!

  Leaving s bustling downtown, e city zone, smoke and clouds, mountains and water empty.

  e city is Pei Nanming and Qin Zhiye as well as Ruan Xi's hometown, although there is no s prosperous, but here is a good place to travel and vacation, the scenery than the s city is naturally much better, there are not so many endless stream of vehicles without crowded crowd, suitable for retirement, suitable for leisure.

  Because it is such a place, the real rich and powerful people who know how to enjoy, but all gathered here.

  The most famous of them are the "Five Hegemons of E City".

  This so-called five hegemony does not mean that they are rampant, nuisance, the so-called hegemony value is the power and financial strength of these five big families.

  The Pei family and the Ruan family are the most important families among the five hegemons, only that the Ruan family is more powerful in the shopping mall, while the Pei family is a big brother in politics.

  Of course, this is not to say that the Ruan family is politically weak and the Bui family is defeated in the shopping mall, just that each has its own focus.

  The Qin family, on the other hand, is the strongest family in the shopping mall after the Ruan family.

  The marriage between the Qin family and the Pei family will naturally bring greater benefits to both families, which is something that anyone can see at a glance.

  Pei Nanming these years in the shopping mall more and more outstanding, there is a monopoly of e city emerging industry momentum, as the old industry leader of the Qin family, can and Pei family marriage, that is naturally a great good thing.

  However, Pei old man often live in e city, naturally choose e city zone very good bit.

  To the e city, Qin ZhiYan originally wanted to use the reason to go to see Pei grandfather, go to Pei family with Pei NanMing together.

  Which know, Pei Nam Ming first opened his mouth to call the driver to send her back, Qin Zhi Dye in front of Pei Nam Ming is quite reserved, Pei Nam Ming have opened her more will not be cheeky to go to Pei family, hold back the anger in his heart, gritted his teeth and followed the driver on the car.

  Anyway, she is destined to marry Pei Nanming, she does not need to be so anxious to go, and so on later on Mrs. Pei's time, Pei's home will become her permanent residence!


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