Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 12

Ruan Xi ignored it and just rubbed his temples.

  What else could he say, if he wanted to blame it, he should blame Pei Nan Ming, that kind of devil with a human face and a beast's heart, who never cared about anything but his own feelings.

  "How soon will you go back?" Zhang Hitomi picked up the white boiled water on the table and gently blew a few mouthfuls.

  "The seven o'clock flight tonight."

  Zhang Hitomi's eyes suddenly widened, "How come I didn't hear you say you're leaving tonight?"

  "Someone's birthday at home, so the arrangements were advanced."

  "Are you going back with Qin Zhiye and the others?" Zhang Hitomi didn't know much about the relationship between Ruan Xi and Qin Zhiye, but she heard that they grew up in the same courtyard and had known each other for a long time.

  "En." Ruan Xi simply nodded, even though she and Zhang Xi were already very close friends, she still did not wish to tell her about her messy experiences.

  Zhang Hitomi swallowed the white water in her mouth, looked at Ruan Xi, and sighed, "Actually, I can't guess sometimes, what's going on in your head, your family is so well off, and you have a bricks and mortar boyfriend, how come you still save money every day, and work hard to earn money as a part-time job, even if it's a donation, you don't have to donate all your money to the orphanage, right? You are the most kind and strange person I've ever seen."

  Ruan Xi hooked her lips and smiled, "Actually, I'm not as kind as you think, it's just that all those things don't belong to me, I just want to use my own ability to make money."

  It's been two or three years since she came and went with Zhang Hitomi, even if there were more nothing to talk about between them, she couldn't let her know two things about herself, the first one was that her so-called brick and mortar boyfriend was actually Pei Nam Ming, and the second one was that, in fact, she's just an orphan, and is not a big lady in Zhang Hitomi's mouth.

  Although Zhang Hitomi was big-headed, she was still able to tell that Ruan Xi had something going on and was not willing to say more to herself.

  She could only not go to pursue the question, "How did you choose to go back with Qin Zhiye and the others?"

  Zhang Hitomi had always been disgusted with Qin Zhiye, even if she knew her, she had said a few words, but she could detect Qin Zhiye's hostility towards Ruan Xi, usually in the eyes of outsiders she always had a warm look.

  "You can save on the transportation fee, and it's not as troublesome to stay with them." Actually, Ruan Xi was really willing to stay at school.

  Zhang Hitomi recklessly started spitting, "Really can't stand it, having to deal with people like Qin Zhiye, you're quite tolerant."

  For a woman who was about to become Pei Shao***, as long as she didn't break her bottom line, she would tolerate whatever she could.

  Not to mention that she was about to graduate, and at this critical juncture, it was best for her not to anger Pei Nanming.

  After packing up the dormitory things, Ruan Xi carrying a big bag of things out of the school gate, in the opposite side of the sea tree, a familiar back is bending down to do into the car, Ruan Xi stood frozen in place, waiting for the black car to start, only then she threw down the things in her hand and ran wildly over.

  Her eyes reddened, and she kept staring at the car far away ......

  The school program that day, that pianist she knew who it was, but didn't have the courage to stay longer, yes, she was afraid.

  Every time Pei Nanming gave her a lesson, it made her remember, sometimes she hated herself for being so timid and cowardly that she didn't even have room to struggle ....


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