Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 11

Ruan Xi was alarmed, "It's Uncle Pei."

  Pei Nanming frowned slightly, picking up the phone and pressing the answer button.



  "Well, I have a plane ticket for tomorrow night."

  During the call, Pei Nan Ming threw his gaze to Ruan Xi from time to time, as if there was a mention of himself in the call.

  Only after Pei Nan Ming hung up the phone did Ruan Xi exhale a breath, her entire body relaxing and sitting down on the floor along the wall.

  "Uncle Pei, give you .... Say what?"

  Pei Nan Ming hooked his lips and looked at the panicked Ruan Xi, threw the cell phone aside and suddenly walked over to Ruan Xi.

  A hand dragged her her into his arms, lowered his head and kissed her, a little rough and impatient.

  Restraining the urge to push him away, she shuddered in acceptance.

  Her fear of him was like a demon spying on her, ready to pounce and devour her.

  He ripped her tunic violently and pushed it to the *, smoothly drawing the robe belt to bind her hands.

  Her eyes widened, the terror in her eyes finally pouncing out, and she shivered all over.

  However, even more afraid she would not cry and beg for mercy as she did initially, because the more she cried and begged, the more unbearable the consequences would be.

  He suddenly took off his robe and threw it aside, and lifted her slender waist ......

  "He said he wanted me to take good care of you! I think he'll be pleased with such care!" As he rampaged viciously across the room, as it were.

  Tortured all over, she was like a wounded beast, unable to stop whimpering.

  "What, you feel aggrieved?"

  Pei Nan Ming looked at her face full of tears, wrinkled his eyebrows and lowered his voice to ask hoarsely.

  Ruan Xi looked at him, in the light of tears, his face was blurred and distorted, "I'm not aggrieved, but, will you let me go, I can leave, stay far away from everyone, and never appear in front of you again, I swear. The debt I owe has been paid for so ...... long," What's more, this debt, is simply imposed!

  Pei Nanming listened to her words, the further back he listened, the more his anger flourished, and finally couldn't stand it any longer as he pinched her neck, "You want to leave? Dream on! Do you think that the debt you owe can be paid off? Not even close!"

  Ruan Xi does not know what it means to be worse than death, only feel that they can not bear, that feeling is like the sea driftwood, by the waves again and again into the bottom of the sea, but again and again to float up, day by day, year by year, and so on and so on, as if only in the sea water in the rot clean is the final relief ......

  The next day, Ruan Xi woke up, Pei Nanming is no longer there, looking at the mess in the house, she suddenly showed a desolate smile.

  In fact, she was only one of Pei Nanming's countless lovers. . one of his countless lovers, so she was not qualified to have any antipathy towards his other women.

  Zhang Hitomi saw that she had another wild rice face and couldn't help but sigh, "Aiyaa, you also let that person in your family show some mercy in certain areas, don't make you a half-dead hangman all day long."


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