Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 10

Ruan Xi immediately shook her head, "No, nothing."

  Her little heart, all written on her face, Pei Nanming can see through her at a glance, but did not expose her, continued. "Saturday back home, the old man's birthday, I want to bring ZhiYan to see his old man, she has no idea you help take care of it."

  Ruan Xi took a big bite of noodles, Pei Nan Ming how to command she was responsible for nodding her head and doing as she was told.

  "I heard that Gu Chi is also going back." Pei Nan Ming raised his eyes and stared at her indifferently.

  Obviously Ruan Xi is very Zhang memory, emotionally controlled in place, Ruan Xi laughed a little, good behavior handed Pei Nan Ming napkins, "Where in the school, I heard that you prepared a gift for Zhi Dye?"

  Pei Nan Ming took the restaurant paper and wiped the corners of his mouth, look at her to cook noodles for himself, Jim time to let her off the hook.

  "En, just worried about not knowing what to send, you mention an opinion?"

  Ruan Xi put down her chopsticks, already thinking about what would be a good gift.

  When Pei Nan Ming felt satisfied with this conscientious look of hers, he suddenly felt revolted again.

  All along, she had always had this cautious posture, as long as he said east, she would never go west. As long as he opened his mouth to make a request, she would never refuse.

  Heh, as it should be, this was all as it should be!

  "Flowers, clothes and jewelry?" Ruan Xi raised her eyes to think about Pei Nan Ming and asked.

  "What do you think?" Pei Nan Ming asked rhetorically with raised eyebrows.

  "Flowers, too tacky, if the clothes, it looks like she definitely won't lack, I think it's better to send jewelry, or you can order one specifically for her. Girls love uniqueness."

  Speaking of the one and only, Ruan Xi's face changed slightly and she subconsciously lowered her eyes.

  She had long since lost the qualification to speak of the one and only, from the moment she became his woman!

  This disgraceful identity was like the filth that pierced into her bones and blood, and could never be washed away!

  Seeing her go silent, Pei Nan Ming but raised his eyebrows and smiled, "What? Thinking of your one and only?"

  He remembered Gu Chi and Ruan Xi, they were close from the beginning, and later on, they even formally developed a relationship as lovers.

  "No." She looked up and smiled far-fetchedly, "I want to choose the best diamond ring, diamonds are everlasting, a forever well ......"

  Pei Nanming suddenly got up and approached her, his gaze deep and cold, "Since there is no, what are you crying for? Immediately go to wash clean, looking people upset." Saying this, he used his fingers to ruthlessly rub her tears away.

  She ate the pain and hurriedly turned around and ran back to the washroom to wash her face.

  She told herself, must endure, these are owed to him, to pay back! Who let herself have no father and no mother but to board in their home!

  Pei Nanming fell back to the sofa, annoyingly stubbed out his cigarette, turned on the TV and watched the most recent product economic channel.
  * The dim table lamp at the head, with a warm color tone, decorated the entire room into a very cozy illusion.

  She only felt cold, cold to the bone, making her shiver involuntarily.

  Only before he had made out with another woman here, but now, it was going to be herself!

  Humiliation, nausea as well as rejection, all kinds of disgusting emotions are like vines crawling out from the bottom of her heart, viciously entangling her heart.

  At this time, placed * head of the cell phone suddenly rang, his.

  She looked at the caller ID and took a few steps back as if she was scalded, her back hitting the wall with raw pain.

  Pei Nanming turned off the news channel and walked in.



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