Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 9

Without waiting for the piano to finish playing, Ruan Xi took the excuse of a mysterious boyfriend and fled with red eyes.

  Zhang Hitomi bites her straw full of contempt, her mouth yells in a low voice, "Heavy color is not good for friends."

  After leaving the school, the chilly wind outside made her cower inadvertently, and after running to the back street to eat a bowl of casserole, she wandered around the bustling street alone.

  Ruan Xi's Martin boots clattered in the snow as she raised her hand and looked at the time on her watch, finally deciding to go back to her accommodation.

  After all, she didn't dare to run far, and even more so, she didn't dare not to go back.

  That accommodation was specially bought for her by Pei Nanming, and sometimes he began to suspect that this was the best base for Pei Nanming to bring women to.

  Inside the living room, the warm air gradually invaded her skin, and Ruan Xi stared with both eyes at the flowery ladies' clothes on the floor stand, including black thongs.

  She let out a long sigh and leaned her body limply against the wall.

  If she hadn't seen Pei Nan Ming sitting in the back seat of the stage at school, it would have been really hard for her to believe that Pei Nan Ming had assisted with Qin Zhi Dye two hours ago, yet now he had even begun to flirt with another woman.

  Ruan Xi touched the tip of her nose uncomfortably, and then smothered her head to clean up the mess in the living room.

  The bedroom door was not closed, and the sound inside was clear to the ears.

  Ruan Xi, as if she was already used to it, went into the kitchen alone after cleaning up the living room to prepare to cook something, the performance all afternoon today didn't even give her a chance to fill her stomach.

  Pulling out noodles from the cupboard, she hesitated for a moment before deciding to cook for one more person.

  Unsurprisingly for her, by the time the hot noodles were rising, the bedroom had already gone into a calm.

  Pei Nan Ming strides out in his robe, he knew when Ruan Xi came back, however, to his surprise, this time Ruan Xi actually obediently stayed in the accommodation that also did not run, he was satisfied to enter the washroom to rinse.

  Then the high heels on the floor clattered, the sound suddenly stopped at the kitchen door, Ruan Xi, although her back was to the kitchen door, but still could strongly feel a sharp gaze thrown over.

  She stiffly turned around, into the eyes of a tall woman, is in the kitchen door to organize their own waves big volume, Ruan Xi on Pei Nanming's female all can be said to have a side, in front of this woman has been Pei Nanming dating partner for three months, is commonly known as the "small pepper" character lively, beautiful and outgoing.

  In fact, Ruan Xi's impression of her is not bad, because she is always very enthusiastic, that enthusiasm is not the kind of Qin ZhiYan false love to make out.

  When Pepper saw Ruan Xi, she brightly revealed a smile, and had already put aside the fact that she was still flirting with Pei Nan Ming just now.

  "What kind of delicious food is this cooking?" Little Pepper lowered her eyes to look at the two portions of dishes Ruan Xi had prepared.

  Ruan Xi was a little embarrassed, "I placed two bowls of clear noodles, if you feel hungry too, I'll cook another one for you?"

  "No need, I'm on a diet, I don't eat at night." Little Pepper smiled indifferently, then said, "By the way, I probably won't come here in the future, the room is a bit messy, hard on you."

  After saying this, Little Pepper stepped on her high heels and left.

  In fact, Ruan Xi to Pei Nan Ming every girlfriend people are the same kind of view, they are like a shelf life, if has expired Pei Nan Ming will kick a hundred thousand miles.

  However, according to the character of the little pepper, so bright and cheerful to go, Pei Nam Ming at least will retain some interest in her.

  Not ten minutes Pei Nanming opened the washroom, the next life wrapped in a bath towel into the kitchen, shocked Ruan Xi will be choking on the noodles in the mouth to cure coughing.

  Pei Nanming completely did not care that he was only wrapped in a bath towel, sitting opposite Ruan Xi, but also pushed another bowl of noodles on the table in front of himself.

  Pei Nam Ming after the battle, the energy to lose a lot, just based on the just small pepper that kind of screaming know that Pei Nam Ming did not maintain three or four hours absolutely will not stop.

  These thoughts she also only dared to put in her heart, which dared to mess with Pei Nanming this kind of demon that will go berserk if he doesn't pay attention.

  "What are you thinking about?" Pei Nan Ming raised his eyes and asked calmly.


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