Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 8

She was in the Pei family, why uncle Pei would adopt himself, grandpa Pei said it was because his parents had someone to the Pei family, and in the eyes of uncle Pei and grandpa Pei were both guilty and compassionate towards her.

  "Riding towards my head, you don't have that ability yet." Qin ZhiYan forward to catch up to RuanXi, make her a sang and push her against the wall, RuanXi is completely unguarded, hard hit the wall, pain her brow wrinkled.

  "Pretending all day long that your clothes are industrious and have a thrifty look is to try to please Uncle Pei and Grandpa? Let Pei Nan Ming can't forget you, how can a woman with a deep heart like you become a part of the Pei family, remember, you don't have that kind of noble blood, you don't deserve it at all!" Saying this she deliberately drifted off, "I almost forgot, your mother was once a mistress, and destroyed Uncle Pei's marriage ......"

  Qin ZhiYan's face was full of complacency, looking at Ruan Xi's face was contemptuous and arrogant.

  "I also do not know, Pei Nanming why you so good, Pei uncle and grandfather look at you always look full of pity, perhaps ah, just with that mother of yours has a relationship?"

  Qin Zhi Dye is calculated to make Ruan Xi angry before giving up, said Ruan Xi's mother, she raised her eyes over to see Ruan Xi's face iron green, the heart is still complacent about what he said.

  Which expected Ruan Xi swung over a slap steadily on her left cheek, she suddenly the whole person is confused.

  Ruan Xi swore that in the twenty years she had been alive, she really hadn't hit anyone, but Qin Zhi Zhen really had too many points! Actually making a strong effort to rub salt into her wounds!

  Qin ZhiYan for a long time did not come back to God, she grew up as a pampered young lady, her parents are holding her in the palm of their hands to raise, the school also looks beautiful good grades, loved by teachers, which have been slapped this kind of aggravation.

  She angrily backhanded over, Ruan Xi dodge not in time, a slap also fell on her face.

  Qin Zhiye gritted her teeth: "Ruan Xi! I advise you to take a look at your own situation, where did I go wrong, you were originally a wild child, and your mother is also a shameless mistress. This slap of yours today, I'll remember, sooner or later I'll make you pay it back tenfold!"

  Qin Zhiye covered half of her face, her high heels rubbing impact with the ground, and left angrily.

  Ruan Xi leaned against the wall, taking a long time to pull her mind away.

  Tears came to her eyes once again, although Qin ZhiYan spoke harshly, but she was indeed right, she grew up as a fatherless person, her mother committed suicide when she was five years old, for unknown reasons.

  If that year, her mother was not so selfish, leaving her unattended, perhaps now Te will not be reduced to the present situation.

  Qin Zhiye then returned a slap to her, to him she said, really considered generous.

  In accordance with her is Qin's group's thousand gold status, and all the men sought after the woman to speak, she does have this strength, but why she just let it go?

  Yes, perhaps because of Pei Nanming?

  Since childhood, Qin Zhiye liked to follow Pei Nanming subsequently, but at that time Pei Nanming always had a half-dead and stinky face, like everyone owed him.

  In the end, unsurprisingly, Ruan Xi did owe him, and it was a debt she could never replace.

  After all, it was a human life, and although she was innocent, Ruan Ting's death did have nothing to do with her.

  Ruan Xi re-entered the restroom, cold water once again patted the red and swollen cheeks, Qin Zhi Zhen looked like she was really pissed off, her hands were fast and hard.

  After returning to her seat, Zhang Hitomi still held the straw and did not let go, seeing Ruan Xi come back, said leisurely, "I thought you fell into the restroom and could not get out, ready to call the pianist to come and rescue you after the show!"

  The man on the stage was still concentrating on his performance, his nimble fingers jumping notes, and he became the center of everyone's attention in that pillar of light.

  Soon, you'll be flying farther away, right? Ruan Xi looked at the man and tried to smile, I just need to watch you from afar, she thought.


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