Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 7

Ruan Xi had already left the seat, and Zhang Xie chased after him, following the light from the parapet and asked, "What's wrong with you? Your eyes are red and your face is ugly as hell."

  "I'm fine, it's just that the sound of the zither is so beautiful that it touched me." Ruan Xi touched her moist eyes, going to hide the bitterness in her heart.

  Zhang Xi sort of understood, "Oh, so it's reading about your first love." Said she squinted at Ruan Xi, "Look at you that wimpy look."

  "If you really can't let go, you dump your current one, and then go back to your first love, you now this kind of double-minded really make sister I hate."

  Ruan Xi topped her red bunny eyes, staring at Zhang Xi in a daze, sucking on the tip of her sore nose, "Yes, I won't be that kind of double-minded person, I'm going to go to the restroom, I won't disgrace you,"

  Zhang Hitomi then patted her shoulder in relief, "That's not right!"

  As soon as Ruan Xi left, Zhang Xi let out a big sigh, she has known Ruan Xi for more than two years, when she came to this school, she heard that her first love had already graduated from this school, so she didn't really know about Ruan Xi's affair with her first love.

  Ruan Xi squatted in the toilet for more than ten minutes, remembering the scene before Gu Chi to take himself, can not help but have Luo tears, in fact, the story can make up her mind to take her away from Pei's family she has been very content, although the result is not very good, but she at least knows that Gu Chi still has himself in his heart.

  She walked to the mirror in front of the eyes, red and swollen, with cool water patted the cheeks, and then organize the messy hair satisfied, turned to leave.

  At this time, just as soon as she left the house, she saw Qin Zhiye walking over, with a bit of the delicate feeling of a birdie, but also with a bit of the self superiority that is unique to big beauties. Seeing Ruan Xi, she smiled first, greeting her with a very cordial greeting, "Xiao Xi, you also have a program?"

  Ruan Xi nodded and replied, "En, the chorus, it's already finished."

  Qin Zhiye pretended to be surprised, "Ya? Really, I thought I didn't see you, so it was the chorus?" Speaking here, she deliberately added, "Programs like the chorus, naturally there are many people, unlike ballet where everyone shows their faces."

  Ruan Xi naturally does not put her words in her eyes, but politeness is still there, politely saying, "Hitomi is still waiting for me outside, I'll leave first."

  Qin Zhiye crosses her chest, making a look of defiance, and then suddenly pours, "This Saturday, I will go back to my hometown with Nan Minghe to see grandpa her old man, I heard that you are also going back?"

  The words said here, Ruan Xi naturally understood the meaning of her words, she has always disliked to cause trouble, for Qin ZhiYan this kind of strong character woman, she will be like a child, can tolerate it.

  "Yes, I happen to be worried about the fare to go back, with you guys, naturally I don't have to pay for the expenses."

  When Ruan Xi said this, Qin Zhiye was particularly upset in her heart, but on her face, she still maintained complete elegance and politeness, and the words she uttered were another matter, "I thought, you would refuse. I remember you have always been very independent ah, before going to school to earn their own tuition living expenses, and even go back to their own tickets to line up to take the train, and now, out of the internship, your answer but let me feel quite surprised."

  Ruan Xi naturally had nothing to say to someone who was skilled at calling others grandpa to grandpa before he even passed the door.

  Ruan Xi just smiled, then was about to go around Qin ZhiYan.

  Qin ZhiYan, however, was unforgiving, with a grunt and a cold laugh, "Do you really see yourself as a human being? Don't give your face no face, to put it bluntly, you are nothing but a rice bucket under the fence, nothing but a wild seed that was born but not raised, Pei Nan Ming thing only."

  Ruan Xi sucked in a mouthful of cold air, by Qin ZhiYan's words hard to stab the heart, clenched his fists, hold back his anger, "I don't want to be more you, but you don't go too far, since childhood, I let you, it doesn't mean that I'm a soft persimmon, take it to you to pinch at will!"


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