Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 6

Ruan Xi was suddenly stunned, in her mind's eye there was only one person who was talented at the piano.

  Soon Zhang Hitomi also noticed the change on Ruan Xi's face, and was about to ask Ruan Xi if she was uncomfortable anywhere, but was diverted from her thoughts by Ruan Xi's uncomfortable smile.

  After more than ten minutes, the bright light on the stage suddenly became dark. A pillar of light hit the center of the stage, the black piano, white gloves, jumping five fingers as if active elves dancing, the scene was silent.

  Ruan Xi, however, became restless in the sound of music, took a sip of the drink, the heart is still blocked, the piano sound is melodious and pleasant, the whole audience is immersed in it, but only to Ruan Xi's ears into a magic spell, so that she felt like a kind of never-ending lingering, piece by piece to cut her heart.

  Ruan Xi pinched the green tea in her hand, staring blankly at the stage, the person sitting in the pillar of light, five fingers jumping like flying, a burst of pain in her heart, yes, it hurts, she felt that breathing hurts.

  Zhang Hitomi has been flamboyant on the stage, completely intoxicated in the music and male sex, for a moment did not find Ruan Xi's strange.

  But in the last row of seats, a gaze straight to Ruan Xi, followed by a chat with the woman next to her.

  Qin Zhiye was very excited, because Pei Nanming was able to come really brought her a surprise.

  In fact, she is very clear, Pei Nanming is a very accomplished career of the man of the hour, usually very busy, today can take the time to come to support their own she is a little bit of a happy feeling.

  But she is also very clear that Pei Nanming has many lovers around him. . people. However, those warbling women, she knows how to turn a blind eye.

  She is Pei Nanming's wife in the future, and when her position in the Pei family is stabilized after marriage, it's not too late to deal with the thorns in his side.

  Pei Nanming raised his hand and looked at his watch, full of thoughtfulness to Qin ZhiYan smiled and said, "How long do you commend?"

  Qin ZhiYan rubbed herself in his arms like a cat, "My program is pressed in the last row, there's still an hour left."

  "En, it's all about the finale program at the end, you perform well."

  "I will." Zhi Dye happily hugged Pei Nan Ming's arm, "I didn't expect you to take the time to come, I'm really happy."

  Pei Nan Ming casually touched the top of Qin Zhi Dye's hair, "Perform well, and when the show is over later, I'll give you a gift."

  "Really?" Qin Zhi Yan was incomparably excited, for her she didn't care what kind of gift, what she was happy about was that the gift was from Pei Nan Ming.

  Pei Nanming hadn't answered yet, when the cell phone rang, the first thing he did was to look over to Ruan Xi's seat, and then behind Qin Zhiyan's back he answered the phone and said a few words before paying attention to the woman on the side who was still full of anticipation.

  "After you perform the program later, I will ask the driver to pick you up."

  Qin Zhi Dye nodded her head in an oddly well-behaved manner, knowing that as soon as Pei Nan Ming answered the phone, he had something to go and deal with, but she was a little chagrined, what kind of official business is there when this is already the time of day? She also did not dare in front of Pei Nanming too much indulgence, had to endure, tiptoe in Pei Nanming lips fell a kiss.

  Pei Nanming also did not refuse, but the color of God but suddenly there is suddenly no drift to Ruan Xi's where, and finally the face of yin suddenly sank down.


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