Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 5

And this girl, she did have a proud capital.

"Zhi Dye, come over here." In the locker room, Qin ZhiYan's companion immediately greeted her.

Qin ZhiYan was Pei NanMing's real girlfriend, no one in the school knew about it, she put down the name brand hug in her hand and sat in front of the mirror to fix her makeup.

She put down her brand name hugs and sat in front of the mirror to fix her makeup. She didn't talk about Ruan Xi in her eyes, which made Ruan Xi relieved, she didn't want to cross paths with Qin Zhi Zhen right now.

Qin ZhiYan did not sit for a while, the surrounding girls have surrounded the past, "ZhiYan sister, this time you praise program, your home Pei young is not also will come ah?"

When it comes to Pei Nanming, Qin ZhiYan's smile is scattered, and there are a few shy, "Go go go, he's very busy."

In the eyes of Zhang Yi, Qin ZhiYan that expression how to see how to feel do, she heart does not like Qin ZhiYan that kind of woman, but men just like to look at her face and she pretended to look, or the school recognized school flower, but there is Pei NanMing do backstage it? If you want to compare looks and temperament is not as good as Ruan Xi.

Zhang Hitomi just hide their own thoughts in the bottom of their hearts, and did not take Ruan Xi and Qin Zhiye comparison, after all, Qin Zhiye simply can not be compared with Ruan Xi.

"Aigoo, you haven't even married yet, and you're starting to speak in favor of your family member." The few people surrounding Qin Zhiye began to coo.

Ruan Xi, on the other hand, came out from the changing room, painted a light makeup, and treated the few people on the side as if they were air.

Her program today was a chorus, and there wasn't really much to perform, standing in the crowd she simply couldn't find her place.

Although it was a competition, she wasn't nervous, she didn't have any acting talent, her voice was still okay.

Zhang Xi clenched her fists and cheered Ruan Xi on.

"Seeing that you're quite relaxed, but I'll still give you a boost!"

Ruan Xi smiled at Zhang Xi and said, "En, I will."

When Pei Nan Ming came, the second chorus had just ended. So it didn't see Ruan Xi's performance.

After that, Zhang Hitomi and Ruan Xi sat in the first row of the stage, enjoying the program. Zhang Hitomi's performance was the penultimate, she was not in a hurry, instead, she came close to Ruan Xi's ear and said jokingly, "Look, the man you think is the evil capitalist of all evils is also here."

Ruan Xi looked along with Zhang Xi's gaze, Pei Nan Ming sat in the last row, an inconspicuous corner, but he had outstanding looks since he was a child, so it was easy to attract people's attention.

Ruan Xi was dumbfounded, in fact, she was not the kind of woman who held grudges, but remembering the unpleasant events of last night, her gaze became dark.

"It's to hold court with Qin Zhiye."

"Alas, I don't see what's so good about that Qin Zhiye, other than being able to intentionally sell herself in front of men, I can't see anything rare."

Ruan Xi retracted her gaze, smiled indifferently and said, "Men's tastes are all like that, good face and body, what else is there to worry about?"

Zhang Hitomi turned her head and responded, "That's right, men are all lower body animals, Pei Nanming looks like he's no exception. Well, not to mention, I should be on later, I heard that there is a mysterious guest coming to the school today to help out."

Ruan Xi frowned, she had also heard from the class before that there would be a mystery guest arriving, but she wasn't interested in that. It was always a rambling look.

"I don't know who it is, I heard in the changing room that it's a very talented pianist who graduated from our school before."

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