Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 4

Ruan Xi face water bamboo white, face is still kind of calm, seriously patted the face, asked, "really so obvious?"

"Not generally obvious, you look at your panda eyes, and then look at your listless appearance." Said here Zhang Hitomi gossip up, "You also when to take out that boyfriend of yours to let us see, always hide is also too not enough fun right?"

Ruan Xi wiped the sweat on his forehead, "He is busy." Accompanying his real girlfriend is the real thing.

Of course, Ruan Xi would not tell Zhang Xi that her so-called boyfriend is Pei Nanming, right?

"In the busy also have to find time to see you have to perform ah? Helping or not, this boyfriend of yours is really a workaholic."

Ruan Xi a burst of dry laughter, "is a workaholic nothing bad, can work hard to earn money."

Zhang Xie couldn't help it, "Really? Your family still lacks money? Who at school doesn't know that your family has a good background."

Ruan Xi was silent, although she was five years old and entered the Pei family, but since she had the ability to earn money, she was relying on her own part-time job to earn money to pay the tuition fees.

Good thing Zhang Hitomi suddenly changed the topic and didn't pay attention to Ruan Xi's reaction at the moment, said with an envious face, "Qin ZhiYan's life is really good, can catch a man as good as Pei NanMing."

In fact, Zhang Xizi has seen Pei Nanming once, it was Ruan Xi in school with a high fever, because it was after the evening study, most people in the dormitory have not yet returned, Zhang Xizi had no choice but to turn over Ruan Xi's cell phone call records.

Ruan Xi cell phone does not have a few contacts, in addition to Uncle Pei, Grandpa Pei, there is an unset note, and Zhang Hitomi's cell phone number, there is no Ruan Xi mouth boyfriend's number.

In a moment of impatience, dialed the series of phone numbers that do not forget at a glance.

That was her first meeting with Pei Nanming, and the moment she saw him, she was ruthlessly stunned.

Pei Nanming tall and slender, face contour, said acid point, that is called the sword eyebrow starry eyes, eyes like a cold pool, that gaze that is called a deep, obviously look at people are detached and polite, but there is still a very attractive and strong evil emanation.

She also remembers that he wore a black trench coat at that time, there is an austere and dignified temperament, the aura is very strong.

Her first reaction was that this man was handsome. Later she chased after Ruan Xi, let Ruan Xi eight Pei Nanming's situation, Ruan Xi only said it was a special cold evil capitalist.

This makes Zhang Hitomi more interested in Pei Nanming, sometimes she will ask Ruan Xi that behind the boyfriend is not Pei Nanming.

But by Ruan Xi a knife eye, denied.

In fact, Zhang Hitomi does not know, in the heart of Ruan Xi, Pei Nanming is a clothes *, this kind of man can be far away from how far she is away.

Ruan Xi and Zhang Hitomi both have programs, just arrived at the venue, head into the locker room to begin to prepare.

At this time, the door to the dressing room was pushed open, a tall but plump girl stepped on high heels and walked in. The girl was pretty and her aura was not weak. Although she was smiling all the time, she still gave people the feeling that she was the kind of person who had no one in her sight, even if she was gazing at you.

Give you two choices [first, favorite, leave a message. The second is to kiss me.

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