Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 3

"You're not worthy!" Pei Nanming's voice was hoarse, like the cracking sound of friction after a ruptured throat.

Ruan Xi ate pain full of tears, he obviously does not care about this, and smoothly peeled off her pajamas, even with the bottom of the lining together to rip down.


The room was warm enough that the sudden exposure of her skin to the air wasn't cold, and Ruan Xi still lost her voice screaming uncontrollably.

"Seeing your first love that you've waited for three years come back, you're not happy about it, are you? Now you're going to start guarding your body for him?!" Pei Nan Ming roared out, his eyes red with rage in the darkness, like a demonic beast driven to desperation, "A woman like you, cheap to the bone, doesn't deserve to be treated well at all!"

Ruan Xi struggled to break free a few times but failed to break free, Pei Nan Ming tightly gripped her wrist, it hurt so much that she twisted her eyebrows.

"Even if I beg you, please, okay? I don't want to continue like this!" Ruan Xi cried and begged for mercy, but he became even more violent.

"You don't want to continue, do you? I'm going to continue!"

There is a kind of intimacy, only in the body, pain or pleasure, are just turn off the lights, throw off the light after the death of the entanglement, even though this kind of intimacy without gaps, but the soul is still a thousand mountains. Afterwards, he got dressed and slammed the door.

Ruan Xi wrapped in the blanket, shivering, tears continue to flow from the eyes, and do not know how long to cry.

This night Ruan Xi slept very disturbed, she had a lot of dreams, dreaming of the first time she saw Pei Nanming, he was still small, very pretty, however, there is an overbearing dominance in his eyes, from that time onwards, she was a little afraid of him, and he really is not as good as the surface, he likes to do his own thing, that is, not much to say with the boys in the compound to play together, but visible hot blooded Righteousness, often will fight.

As the only foreign girl in the compound she could only ever stand cautiously at the window and watch, watching Qin ZhiYan play with them in the heat of the moment...

At that time, Pei Nanming would occasionally look up at her, and then for some reason he would bring her along to play with him, and gradually, she had the illusion of blending in with them, but then she realized that it was really just an illusion ......

Ruan Xi woke up, exhausted, she sweated a lot, but her body is still cold, wrapped in a thick down jacket to go to the nearby pharmacy will be the contraceptive pill.

The owner of the pharmacy looked at her with a strange expression, but in the end did not say anything, just shook his head helplessly.

New Year's Day is approaching, with the program schedule, Ruan Xi was also selected to participate in the activities.

In the afternoon, she received a call from Zhang Hitomi and dared to take a taxi to the school.

Zhang Hitomi is Ruan Xi's most compatible classmate in college, the two can be said to be inseparable, of course, in addition to Pei Nanming is not in the case is inseparable.

When Ruan Xi arrived at the school gate, Zhang Xi tugged on her wrist and ran wildly towards the school.

"You'll be late if you come a little later!" She wasn't ladylike at all, increasing her pace as she spoke.

Ruan Xi suddenly yanked away from Zhang Xi's hand, she couldn't run anymore, her wrist hurt a bit from Zhang Xi's yanking, she steadily propped her hands on her knees, gasping for breath.

Zhang Hitomi said to her contemptuously, "Usually see you run faster than a rabbit, what's wrong today?"

Ruan Xi that would tell her that it was Pei Nan Ming who was too forceful last night.

Her legs were weak, she had just been dragged by Zhang Hitomi to run a downward distance, her lower body was a burst of soreness and numbness!

"I can't, Hitomi, I just can't run anymore." Ruan Xi gasped and came over for a long time before she could change her energy.

Zhang Hitomi will sight on her body, up and down scanning a circle, then close to her ear whispered, "Do you know, you now look like lust overindulgence!"

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