Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 2

She gradually left Gu Chi's embrace and swiftly wiped away her tears, "Gu Chi, if you really want to do something for me, then, you must be happy.
Ruan Xi suddenly smiled bitterly, this taste can only be hidden in the heart.

Gu Chi heard but the brain blank, in fact, very clear to take Ruan Xi will have what consequences, but know that Ruan Xi broke up with their own reason is actually because of Pei Nanming suppression, the anger in his heart, if he can make the Gu family's business is strong, he will absolutely unload that man into eight pieces, to solve the hatred of the heart.

Yet at this time, Ruan Xi wanted herself to be happy? But how could one be happy without her?

"Since you said so." Gu Chi clenched his fists tightly, becoming dark and moist eyes cast at Ruan Xi, "I will definitely do as you wish, let you watch me be happy."

Ruan Xi, if you really want me to be happy and this will help you, I will do as I wish you to make us happy.


Until after twelve o'clock in the evening, Ruan Xi only dilly-dallying home, and prayed Pei Nam Ming went to other "Palace".

The door was opened with a great deal of hustle and bustle, and found that the living room wasn't open, so Ruan Xi leaned against the wall and let out a little sigh of relief.

The shoes will be changed to wash themselves, turn around and open the bedroom door, legs suddenly soft, propped up in the doorway do not dare to move.

The bedroom is dark, the air is filled with the smell of cigarettes, from Ruan Xi's point of view, Pei Nanming's short, concise hair looks particularly submissive, his back to his own quiet smoking, but like a demon lurking in the darkness, let a person's heart jump.

She was pondering to open her mouth, Pei Nanming poured his magnetic voice into her ears, sending chills through her body, "What? Not running away with that kid? I thought you would take advantage of this good opportunity and choose to elope with him."

When Ruan Xi heard this, she slowed down for a long time before she pretended to be calm and faced the dark man, pulling a smile, "Which is not true, I just happened to meet him and chatted for a few moments."

Pei Nanming didn't say anything, just extinguished the cigarette butt in his hand and relit a cigarette again, inhaling and exhaling smoke.

Ruan Xi was familiar with this feeling, it was a precursor to Pei Nan Ming's outburst, she subconsciously took a step backward.

Before Pei Nanming did not lash out, she turned around and was about to run!

But that's so easy, her running degree with Pei Nam Ming is far from it, Pei Nam Ming agile, get up two steps and grabbed her back, pinched her arm and pushed her to the chuang!

"This time want to run is not too late? When you made out with him did you ever think you'd be there now?!"

Pei Nan Ming's tone was grim, one hand controlled her hands and wrists and pressed them hatefully on top of her head, the other hand pressed down on her waist, her body was like a rock, pressing her so that she couldn't even move.

Ruan Xi gasped for air, but her chest hurt so much that her face crumpled together.

"I know that that incident has something to do with me, if it wasn't for me, Auntie Ruan wouldn't have died in the car accident, but, Pei Nan Ming you know, I don't want that kind of thing to happen either, if you really hate me, in order to clear the hatred in your heart, you can make me pay for my life, but please, don't use this kind of way to treat me, okay?"

Ruan Xi sobbed uncontrollably, huffing and puffing her accusations, and in return, Pei Nanming received a vicious slap!

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