Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 1

"Ruan Xi, promise me you won't go back, we'll leave together. "
Ruan Xi looked at the man in front of her with a frozen expression, her eyes suddenly moist, tears flowing down the corners of her eyes.

The man cupped her cheeks, "What's wrong?"

The slender fingers painfully wiped her tears for her.

Ruan Xi shook her head to calm herself down ......

How easy was it to leave ......?

Although she is an orphan, but she was also raised by the Pei family for many years, outsiders know that the Pei family is not thin on her, even Master Pei also that she as a biological granddaughter generally regarded, she will not be for the reason of Pei Nanming just left without saying a word.

Just by himself, there are many scruples to go, not to mention the man in front of her deeply loved.

He has parents at home, he is an only child, if you leave the Gu family for yourself, what about his family? What about his father?

They can not be so selfish!

Ruan Xi thought left and right, suddenly realizing how naive and ridiculous her approach with Gu Chi was?

She finally looked up solemnly at Gu Chi, "I can't go with you."

These words make the man's heart feel like it's being stabbed by a thousand needles, Gu Chi is full of expectations for Ruan Xi but wilts after her refusal, becoming angry at the same time in his wounded eyes, "Why? Ruan Xi? You know full well that he hates you! Stay and he will continue to take revenge on you, haven't you had enough of his torture of you in these three years?!"

Gu Chi was out of control, his eyes were red with anger, but how could Ruan Xi not feel pain in her heart? She deeply remembered everything she suffered that night when she was eighteen years old, tears flowed out, "If I elope with you, have you ever thought about the consequences? It will cause consequences for the Gu family, I'm an orphan adopted by the Pei family, if I leave, maybe the Pei family will feel cold towards me for raising me for so many years, for leaving without saying goodbye, but, Gu Chi, what about you? You're different, you still have the Gu family behind you, what will the Gu family do to support themselves if you leave, Pei's family may go through a lot of trouble to deal with the Ruan family, but dealing with the Gu family is a breeze!"

As if he was fixed by something, Gu Chi's face stiffened, he swallowed back the words in his own mouth, after the silence, he came to a sober understanding that Ruan Xi was right, if he took Ruan Xi and left like this, maybe the whole Gu family would face a crisis, Pei Nan Ming knew that he had taken Ruan Xi away, and he definitely put this account on the head of the Gu family!

"Moreover, I haven't graduated yet, although I don't have any blood relationship with the Pei family, but after all, I ate the Pei family, I live in the Pei family, although I was treated badly by Pei Nanming, Uncle Pei and Elder Pei treated me well, I can't just leave with you so unconcerned!"

Gu Chi suddenly hugged Ruan Xi, "How can you let me watch you being bullied by him while I do nothing!"

Ruan Xi was hugged so tightly by him that even breathing felt difficult, she choked in the man's arms and said, "He will soon be engaged to Miss Qin, by then, I will have graduated, I will take this opportunity to leave Pei's family, I will definitely go far, far away, and get rid of Pei Nanming's control! "

Even if she really owed him, these three years of his abuse of himself, his own patience, was already enough!



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