Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 20 He's Really Sexy

In an instant, all of his warm breath spilled onto the tip of Nan Xi's nose, lips, and even her entire face with hot magic.

Her entire face flushed red, one hand grasping his tie, suddenly neither in nor out.

Nan Xi's heart was even more like a deer, fluttering about.

"You you stand straight." She blushed and diverted her attention.

"Are you sure?"

Lu Jian Shen's voice was clearly the same as usual, but at this moment in this atmosphere, Nan Xi sounded gentle and sexy as hell.

Especially since his lips were still pressed against the tip of her nose, warm and hot, disturbing her so much that she didn't even have the hair to tie her tie.

"I'm sure."


With an answer, Lu Jian Shen instantly straightened his body, standing as straight as a pine and cypress.


The small face turned even redder.

Because it was too embarrassing.

In the past when the two of them were often together, how come she didn't realize that Lu Jian Shen was so much taller than her, now it's good, when he stood straight, she couldn't even reach him to tie his tie, and had to stand on tiptoe.

Because there is a small baby in her stomach, Nanxi has been very careful these days, all wearing flat shoes.

Therefore, the height gap between the two became more and more obvious.

And I don't know what's going on today, but this tie hasn't been tied properly after going back and forth in her hands a few times.

Although her skills weren't good, they weren't as bad as this!

Originally, Nan Xi was all anxious, but at this time, someone's laughter rang in her ears, "Who just told me to stand up straight?"

Nan Xi was instantly enraged, raising her head and glaring fiercely at someone.

Then she shoved the tie in her hand into his arms, "No more ties, you tie it yourself."

Knowing that she was angry, Lu Jian Shen grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.

When he saw a table behind him, he directly hugged Nanxi and placed her on the table, "Okay, go ahead and tie it."

For a moment, Nan Xi's head was blank, her hands gripped his tie and froze directly.

Such a picture, déjà vu.

She used to see it in idol dramas, and never thought it would happen to her one day.

When tying the tie, Nan Xi lowered her head and was very serious.

In fact, in the past, she wouldn't have been able to tie a tie at all, because there hadn't been an occasion that required it since she was a child.

Knowing that she wanted to marry him, she searched for videos on the internet and followed the inside step by step, at the very beginning, she always learnt badly, then she bought a tie and came back to keep practicing and practiced for a long time before she learned.

At that time, she envisioned: every morning, she made breakfast for him, give him a tie, send him to work;

She always felt that this was a sense of ceremony between husband and wife, full of joy and happiness.

But after getting married, he never once asked her to tie a tie.

Little did she realize that this only time would be the day before their divorce.

The first time, also became the last time.

After tying the tie, Lu Jian Shen carried Nanxi down, and the two of them went downstairs arm in arm.

The hall of the Lu family has been decorated, the whole place is decorated with the theme of "big red", which is the favorite of Chinese people, and with other colors, the whole place is decorated in a festive and joyful way.

Although it was festive, it revealed the Lu family's honor and nobility.

Grandpa Lu wore a set of traditional red birthday clothes, the old man even got his hair done today, and with the big red clothes, he made the whole person hale and hearty, and his body also looked very tough.

"Grandpa, See Deep and I wish you a happy 80th birthday, blessings like the East Sea, longevity like South Mountain."

Nan Xi and Lu Jian Shen bowed together and bent down to present the gift in their hands to Grandpa Lu.

Grandpa Lu received the gift with a smile, then helped the two of them to their feet, "Good good good, thank you for the blessings of my granddaughter-in-law and grandson."

The living room was filled with laughter, full of happiness and pleasure.

Right at this moment, Yun Shu came over, "See deep, Nan Xi, you guys quickly clean up, in a little while some friends, family and guests should be here, you guys go to the door together to greet them."

As soon as the words fell, her gaze fell on Nan Xi, "Hehe, why are you wearing these clothes? Is it because you didn't see the red cheongsam I had people prepare for you."

"That one is festive, and See Deep's suit is also a couple's outfit, quickly go up and change over."

Nan Xi clenched her palms and took a deep breath as she spoke, "Mom, I saw that dress, but I don't want to disclose my identity yet today."

"You child, you've been married to See Deep for two years now, today is a rare opportunity, if you don't announce it today when else will you wait?"

"Grandpa, mom, I haven't graduated from graduate school yet, I'm still a student now, I don't want to announce my married status for the time being, when I finish my defense and officially graduate, I will definitely attend the public appearance together with See Deep to announce my status, do you guys think this is okay?"

Lu See-shen also added on the side: "Well, there are many right and wrongs in school, this is also protecting her."

It had to be said that Nan Xi's reasoning was well stated and very sufficient, making it impossible to refuse.

Elder Lu took the lead and nodded, "Well, Xixi has a point, and it's not for this day or two, anyway, she's already my old man's grandson-in-law, she can't run away in this lifetime, so let her be, she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants."

"Good, Dad, since you've said it all, of course I'll follow your wishes." Yun Shu smiled.

In an instant, she pulled Lu Jian Shen aside, "Tell me truthfully, are you guys still planning to divorce?"

"Mom, this is Nanxi and I's own matter, we have our own arrangements, can you let us handle it independently?"


Yun Shu didn't even think about it and directly refused.

Lu Jianxuan's brows furrowed tightly, "Mom, she and I were not originally bonded together out of love, separating is naturally inevitable, forced marriages won't be happy, aren't you and dad the best proof of that?"

"It's true that you and dad haven't divorced over the years, but let me ask you, have you lived a happy life?"

Yun Shu glared at him with an angry face, "I'm talking about you and Nanxi now, don't involve me and your dad. Besides, my and your father's affairs are different from yours, can they be mixed up?"

"Anyway, I'm warning you, as long as there's a day that I'm around, don't even think about getting a divorce."

Yun Shu left after saying that.

Nanxi had just brought a cup of juice and tilted her head back about to drink it when suddenly a warm, strong palm gripped her hand.

When she looked up, she saw Lu Jian Shen's handsome and peerless face.

"It's too cold, no drinking."

He exited with an extremely overbearing voice and immediately took away the juice, then poured a cup of warm water for Nan Xi.

"Warm water has no flavor again, I want to drink something sweet."

These days, she had no taste in her mouth at all, so it was not easy for her to find an opportunity to drink something sweet, but it turned out to be taken away by someone without even tasting a bite.

Lu Jian Shen beamed, a pitiful look, his heart softened, and handed her the juice again, "Drink less, if you drink too much, you'll get a stomachache at night."


Even if he didn't say, she wouldn't drink a lot.

Just too greedy, she sips a little to relieve her cravings on the line.

There was still a baby in her stomach, she would definitely pay attention at all times.

Lu Jian Shen answered a phone call, then his eyes changed: "Nanxi, I have something to go out for a while, I will rush back as soon as possible."

Today was grandpa's birthday, if it wasn't a very important person or something extremely important, he would never leave in the middle of the day.

Come to think of it, besides Fang Qinglian, who else would it be?

"It's her who's looking for you, isn't it!"

"Must I go?"

"If it's not that urgent, I still want you to."

Before Nanxi could finish her words, she was suddenly interrupted by Lu Jianxuan.


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