Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 19 Lu Jianshen's Possessiveness

Nanxi almost thought she heard wrong, what was he doing throwing her pajamas for nothing.

"You threw it?" Nan Xi told herself not to get angry, so she tried to suppress her anger and asked patiently.


His reply, shallow to the extreme.

"Lu Jian Shen" Now, Nan Xi finally got angry, she stuck her waist, like a frantic kitten, looking at him angrily, "You have to explain clearly to me, what did you throw my pajamas for?"

"That's a few years old style, and it's still childish."

"Where's childish?"

Nan Xi was angry, those pajamas of hers were obviously cute and kawaii, how did they become childish in his mouth.

"One is Dora "a "Dream, one is Pikachu, and one is a bunny, Nanxi, don't forget, you were still a teenager when you bought these pajamas, but now"

"Now what?"

"Now you're married and a young woman."

After he finished coughing Lu Jian Shen deliberately coughed twice, then lowered his head again to continue reading as if nothing had happened.

Nanxi's face instantly turned red like a monkey's butt, always feeling that the words "young woman" are very ambiguous.

She had no choice but to go back to the bathroom to take a shower.

After taking a shower, Nanxi put on the lace pajamas, like the wind into the quilt, and then quickly wrapped herself tightly.

Just as she breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly, Lu Jianxuan put down his book and leaned his body over, "You think I won't see if you run fast?"


She now seriously suspects that Lu Jian Shen is doing this on purpose, which pot is not boiling, clearly knows that she is shy, but still teases her.

Originally, she had just come out of the bathroom after showering, and her face was just flushed.

Now, her face became more and more red.

It was so close to dripping water.

"You just know how to make fun of me." Nanxi pulled over the quilt and covered her entire head in it.

Lu Jianxuan directly reached out and fished her out of the quilt, because she had been held under the quilt for a while, Nanxi was panting and her small face was even more flushed.

"Why do you love to go under the covers when you don't move."

"The air smells good in there?"

Nanxi huffed and looked at him, he just what magical thinking.

"I'm not, who told you to tease me all the time for nothing."

"Who said I was teasing you?" Lu Jian Shen's body came closer, the breath he exhaled hit Nan Xi's face, warm and moist, "Nan Xi, don't forget, we haven't gotten divorced yet."

"Of course I haven't forgotten."

"So for now, we are still husband and wife, what if I have to ask you to fulfill your conjugal duties?"

These words, they were really ambiguous.

Nan Xi suddenly sat up and pushed him away, "You're getting back at me right? Revenge for me destroying you and Fang Qinglian's intimacy during the day, so you're deliberately teasing me and want to see me laugh."

Lu See's deep black eyes gradually calmed down, he reached out his hand and rubbed Nan Xi's hair, his low voice droning in his ear.

"Didn't mean that, just wanted to tell you to learn to protect yourself in the future."

"Especially with men, you must remain wary."

Nan Xi looked at him, "You're a man too, so that includes you?"

"Well, it includes me." Lu Jianxuan nodded seriously.

No one knew how impulsive he was the moment he saw Nanxi, and how restrained he was to control himself.

After Nanxi fell asleep, Lu Jianxuan lifted the covers and went to the balcony.

The night was thick, and the window was dotted with stars.

He lit a cigarette and smoked it sullenly, his eyebrows furrowed like mountain peaks.

Two years, not too long to say, not too short to say.

But he had no way to deceive himself, his state of mind has indeed changed a lot.

When he first got married, he was looking forward to the three-year period as soon as possible, and quickly got the divorce certificate; but since when, he actually felt a little reluctant.

She is beautiful, highly educated, gentle and lovely, intelligent, is the type that many men like, if really divorced from him, surely many men rush to chase it.

One thought of the future days, she is about to hold another man's hand, sleep in another man's arms, he actually feel very bad taste.

Of course, after a cigarette, all of these emotions were categorized by Lu Jian Shen: a man's possessiveness.

Just because she was still the young lady of the Lu family, still his wife.

When the two of them were completely divorced and finished the formalities, he definitely wouldn't feel this way.

Lu Jian Shen firmly told himself that this must be the case.

However, time had changed, so how could he know that today's self was simply very wrong.

It was soon the day of Grandpa's birthday.

Nanxi deliberately got up early, originally thought that she must have gotten up earlier than Lu Jianxuan, but did not expect that as soon as she opened her eyes someone was already dressed in a suit and everything was ready.

Lu Jianxuan wore a black suit, so flat that there was not a single crease, lining his entire person as handsome as a man, noble and elegant.

Looking at him, Nan Xi had to sigh, some people are just born clothes hangers, wearing everything looks good, that's even if it's not enough, on the contrary, it's still God's favorite, and his facial features are also so exquisite that it's impeccable.

She suddenly thought of the baby in her stomach.

If it's a boy, able to look like him, I'm sure it will be very handsome when it comes out.

"Waking up so early? Don't you want to sleep a little more?"

Seeing her up, Lu Jianxin asked.

"No." Nan Xi shook her head, "Today is grandpa's birthday, how can I sleep in, I definitely want to be the first to run to grandpa to wish him well."

"Then you definitely won't be able to make it, dad and mom have already gone over."

Nan Xi: ""

However, her head turned fast enough, immediately said, "Dad and mom I can't catch up with them, after all, they are the son and daughter-in-law, this first must be left to them, I'm talking about the grandchildren's generation."

Just after saying that, he heard Lu Jian Shen's low voice overflowed, "Sorry, Lu Young Madam, the grandchildren's generation I don't think you can be the first one."

"Who said that?"

Lu Jian Shen raised his eyebrows, "I'm all set, I'll go over now."

Nan Xi wasn't afraid at all, beaming, she looked at him, "You go, hurry up, that's grandpa seeing you alone must think you're bullying me again. On such a happy day, do you think grandpa wants to see us in pairs or alone?"

It had to be said that this comment captured the point.

Lu Jianxin was defeated and looked at his watch, "Fifteen minutes."


Although this was a pathetically small amount of time he gave, fortunately it was summer and the clothes were very wearable.

As for the makeup, her skin was always good, soft and fair, blowing, just a little powder would do.

Moreover, for today's occasion, she actually had no intention of attending as Lu Jian Shen's wife.

Seeing that Nanxi didn't wear the prepared dress, Lu Jian Shen frowned: "Why don't you wear it, the ones who are here today are some close relatives and close friends, it's just that it's not announced to the outside world, there's no harm for them to know."

Nan Xi shook her head, "Or not, since it's been hidden for two years, there's no need to let them know my identity the day before the divorce."

"Today is grandpa's main event, I'm just a chaperone."

"What about at Grandpa's? What are you going to say?" Lu See-Shen looked at her.

"Don't worry, I naturally have a way to convince him at Grandpa's place."


Getting everything ready, the two of them prepared to go out.

"Wait." Suddenly, Nan Xi's gaze stopped on Lu Jian Shen's neck.

She immediately turned around and looked for a matching tie and handed it to Lu Jian Shen: "I forgot the tie."

Lu Jian Shen didn't reach out to pick it up, he lowered his head and his gentle voice slowly overflowed, "You help me tie it."

"I can't tie it well, I'll help you if you don't mind it being ugly."

"Uh, don't mind."

Nanxi nodded her head, and her slender fingers hung the tie onto Lu Jianxuan's neck first.

At this time, Lu Jian Shen stood up straight, Nanxi's hand was still gripping the tie, and she fell forward unexpectedly.

The tip of her nose suddenly bumped into Lu Jian Shen's mouth.


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