Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 18 What, the pajamas he brought her?

Nan Xi's heart was flustered and just as she was about to speak, Lu Jian Shen was the first to open his mouth, "Mrs. Zhou, there's no such thing, there's no way she's pregnant."

"But Young Master, with my experience, Young Lady's symptoms really look like pregnancy."

Lu Jian Shen frowned, his voice decisive and dry, "Impossible."

Originally, he wanted to say that they had been using birth control and that Nanxi had taken birth control pills, but he was afraid that he would be reprimanded again if this was passed on to Grandpa, so he changed his expression.

"I've been busy with work lately, half of the time I've been traveling, and the two of them haven't been in the same room at all."

With these words, it could be said that the fire of Mrs. Zhou's suspicion was completely wiped out.

Although a little bit lost, she immediately scooped another bowl of bird's nest for Nan Xi: "Young lady, you're still young, as long as you get your body in good shape, the baby will definitely come soon."

It's just that at the old master's place, depending on his physical condition, I don't know if he can wait.

After dinner, all the people went to get busy.

Thinking that Mrs. Zhou had just mentioned the pregnancy, Nan Xi didn't hold back after all and looked at him, "I want to ask you a question?"

"What question?"

"When Mrs. Zhou just said that I might be pregnant, why were you so calm and certain? Haven't you ever thought about what if I'm really pregnant?"

Lu Jianxuan suddenly narrowed his eyes, his eyes deep in color.

In the next moment, his cool voice poured into Nan Xi's ears like a cold wind: "There's no what-if, and there can't be a what-if."

"I mean just in case."

"Even if there really is." His eyes deepened and deepened as he continued, "It's not appropriate for us to want it now, and I'd be even less likely to allow it."

Nanxi was as devastated as she was, and just like the last time she answered, he really never wanted a baby that belonged to her and him.

Now, if he really knew about her pregnancy, he would surely feel like a burden, a burden, right?

"I'm sorry baby, mommy still hasn't been able to help you fight for daddy's love."

"But don't worry, no matter how hard it will be in the future, mommy will definitely not give up on you, no matter what decision daddy makes, mommy is looking forward to your birth, so you must grow up well and healthy in mommy's belly oh."

Although sad, Nan Xi still tried to smile and not let herself show a single crack.

The two had just sat in the living room for a few minutes when Uncle Zhou came down to tell them that Grandpa had woken up.

"Really? Then let's go up quickly."

Because she was happy, Nan Xi took Lu Jian Shen's arm and headed upstairs.

Lu Jian Shen let her hold her arm and followed her steps up the stairs.

The room where Grandpa Lu lived was the most ancient and charming one in the whole mansion, with a study, bedroom, lounge, and conversation hall, and it was north-south and very bright.

Nanxi had just gone in on Lu See-Shen's arm when she saw Grandpa Lu walking over on his crutches.


Nan Xi immediately let go of Lu Jian Shen, jumped and ran to the side of Elder Lu to hold on to him.

That appearance, it was like grandpa's own granddaughter, and he, the grandson, was instead like a granddaughter-in-law, like an outsider.

"Xixi ah, grandpa has been looking forward to this, and finally brought you back."

Seeing Nan Xi, Grandpa Lu was very happy, his pale face also looked much more colorful and glowing.

Uncle Zhou sighed on the side: "Aiya, it's still the young lady who has magic power, once you came back, the old man was instantly energized, which is more useful than even if I took care of him for a month."

"Which is not true, Uncle Zhou, it's you and grandpa who both give me face and spoil me."

The three of them chatted with each other, not to mention how happy they were.

Grandpa Lu's bright laughter echoed in the room, and the golden afternoon sunlight sprinkled on the old man's soft clothes, like a layer of golden light, gentle and bright.

Such a scene was the cozy warmth that Lu Jian Shen had been away from for a long time.

At this point, he really had to thank Nan Xi properly.

Grandpa was actually more like a big kid when he got older, somewhat extraordinarily capricious and not very good-tempered.

However, Nan Xi was very patient and had a way of coaxing grandpa and making him happy every time.

At this point, he, his own grandson, was also ashamed of himself.

When he came back to his senses, he was the only one left in the room, Nanxi was helping her grandfather downstairs, and she didn't know what she said, making him laugh.

So, he was being abjectly ignored.

All afternoon, Nanxi accompanied her grandfather, drinking tea, chatting, watching TV, and telling stories.

She was like a happy fruit around her grandfather, playful and agile, gentle and lovely, full of infectious energy, as if she could make people happy just by looking at her.

Lu Jianxuan looked at the bright and moving smile on her face, and suddenly seemed to understand a little bit why grandpa had to let him marry Nanxi in the first place.

His personality was actually a bit cold, sometimes even a bit withdrawn.

And Nanxi's brightness and cheerfulness just made up for his shortcomings, she is indeed very lively, like a small fiery red sun, always bringing people warmth and strength.

I just don't know who this little sun will go to shine on after three days.

In the evening, it was not until Grandpa went to bed that Nan Xi returned to her room.

Lu Jianxin had already finished his bath and was lying on the bed reading a book, he was wearing a dark gray bathrobe, which set off his whole person's handsome, indescribably sexy and charming.

Nan Xi's heart missed a few beats, and her heart was like a deer in the headlights.

This man.

What's the point of lying on the bed after a bath to tempt her, not at all shy.

Nan Xi quickly turned around, opened the cabinet door to look for pajamas, her hand hadn't reached in yet, Lu Jian Shen's low voice came: "No need to look for, your pajamas I'll get you a good one."


Nanxi looked at him, her small face unconsciously reddened.

Then thinking that the two of them were still married, her reaction was a bit too intense, and immediately calmed down, "Why did you take my pajamas ah, accidentally took the wrong ones?"


"Then where are my pajamas?" Nanxi looked around the bedroom and didn't see it.

Lu Jian Shen's gaze looked toward the bathroom, "Put it inside, you took care of grandpa for a hard afternoon today, this is what I can do for you within my power."

Nanxi: ""

But she didn't let him take it!

She had put several sets of pajamas at home, the other ones were all cotton top and bottom sets, only one was different, it was a short lace pajamas, revealing the entire back butterfly bone after putting it on, very sexy.

At this moment, Nan Xi walked towards the bathroom while praying that what he took was not this nightgown.

However, what she feared came to her.

Walking into the bathroom, Nan Xi saw the lace backless pajamas at a glance.

What's worse, someone didn't just put it there, he purposely hung it up for her like a suit.

When she saw the lace slit leaking out of the pajamas, Nan Xi's face was gone, and she felt that she had completely lost her face.

Should she go change into a nightgown?

Nanxi hesitated for a long time, and finally decided with a clench of her teeth to change one.

Seeing that she went back to the bedroom without taking a shower, Lu Jian Shen thought something had happened and immediately raised his head, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just that I," still stuttering, "I have a bit of a cold and want to wear a longer nightgown."

"Then I'll have someone go buy it for you tomorrow." Lu Jianxuan said.

Nanxi was puzzled, she could just find another one, did she need to wait until tomorrow to buy it.

However, after looking around, Nan Xi looked at Lu Mian Shen in frustration, "Where are my sets of pajamas?"

"Thrown away."



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