Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 17 Young Madam Is Pregnant

"I said that." Lu Jianxuan admitted decisively and dryly.

Nan Xi smiled bitterly, although she had guessed it long ago, she still wanted to hear him say it herself.

"Lu Jian Shen, who exactly is the person who can't wait? I've already promised you that I'll mention the divorce to Grandpa after his birthday, and naturally I'll get the marriage license and household register back from him, you don't need to remind me so deliberately."

"I won't forget."

Nan Xi's eyes reddened as she finished speaking.

Her heart was in a state of flux, like there was a marble rolling over and over, it was especially unpleasant.

If he wanted her to get the information back, he could have told her clearly and plainly.

Why did he have to borrow Fang Qinglian's mouth!

Lu Jian Shen looked at her and felt a little guilty, although he didn't bring this matter up, it was really because of him.

Yesterday, Qinglian woke up and cried very sadly and jumped into his arms, saying that she was very afraid, very afraid that she was almost dead and would not be able to see him.

So she proposed that the two of them get a license first, and wait for his family to accept the two of her before having a wedding.

"Qinglian, getting a license may have to be put off."

"Why see deep, do you know how scared I was when I was in a car accident and fell into a coma? I was afraid that if I died, I would never be your bride again and never be able to marry you again."

"Nanxi and I's marriage license and household registration book are kept at grandpa's place, I have to get those before I can get a divorce and then get married."

He accidentally blurted it out when he explained.

Unexpectedly, she made a note of it and used that point to make demands on Nanxi again.

For the rest of the journey, Nan Xi was silent as she lay on her back by the window and quietly watched the flickering scenery outside.

The Lu family's old mansion was away from the downtown area, a nice place by the mountains, surrounded by green hills and beautiful scenery.

In fact, looking closely, this place was quite similar to the mountain behind her childhood home.

Time really flies, it's been ten years in a flash.

She had already left from there for ten years, came to the Lu family for ten years, and loved him for another ten years.

Ten years, a woman's most beautiful, youthful years, she gave all her love at first sight, all her heart, all her crushes to the same man.

And now?

Nanxi stretched out her fingers and broke them in detail, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow was Grandpa's birthday.

As soon as the day after tomorrow was over, they would go for a divorce.

So, from now on, they only had three days as a couple.

If she could, how she wished that these ten fingers could go back and forth, counting over and over again, never ending.

As she broke her fingers, Nan Xi came to feel sleepy.

Probably because she was too tired this morning, she fell asleep just as soon as she got down.

Soon, she felt a warm and strong palm on her shoulder, and Lu Jianxuan's soft voice rang in her ears, "Are you sleepy?"

In a daze, she seemed to be carried into his arms.

It had to be said that his arms were really wide and comfortable.

Nanxi closed her eyes and squeezed and squeezed in his arms, then found a comfortable position and fell into a deep sleep.

When she woke up, how did she feel that the scenery in front of her eyes was moving, even the white clouds floating in the sky were gently fluttering.

What's going on?

The next moment, Lu Jian Shen's voice sounded above her head, "Wake up!"

Nan Xi fixed her eyes, only then did she realize that she was in his arms, being held by him as she walked, no wonder she felt that the things in front of her eyes were close for a while and far away for a while.

Reaching out, she hammered her head, really confused from sleep.

"How long have I been asleep?" Nanxi asked.

"I didn't calculate how long I slept, but the sleeping posture sure looks like a little lazy pig."

Who is a little lazy pig?

She's a sleeping beauty even when she's asleep, okay?

"Then you're a big lazy pig." Nan Xi retaliated unwillingly.

When she was almost at the entrance of the hall, Nanxi suddenly remembered that she was still being held by Lu Jianxuan, and hurriedly said, "We're almost there, you quickly put me down."

"Come down for what?" Lu Jian Shen laughed, "Isn't this what grandpa wants to see the most? You don't want to make his old man happy?"

That being said, she did want to make grandpa happy, but it wasn't this way.

Moreover, Lu Jian Shen was only acting for the sake of acting, she didn't want him to princess hug her with such ulterior motives.

Seeing that it was getting closer and closer, Nan Xi was in a hurry, but Lu Jian Shen was as steady as a mountain, with a calm brow and not a hint of panic.

"Quickly put me down!"

Nan Xi pounded his chest and said indignantly.

"Hurry up, Lu See-Shen."

"Hurry up, it's going to be too late."

Lu Jian Shen looked down and saw her crimson little lips chattering and shouting.

For some reason, he suddenly ghosted as if he was just about to regret it, and the words had already come out of his mouth.

"I'll let you down if you give me a kiss."

"What?" Nan Xi also froze.

Married for two years, except for conjugal life when both of them were in the middle of their emotions, they usually never kissed each other.

Moreover, they were about to get divorced, so it would be even more inappropriate to kiss again at this time.

Seeing Nan Xi hesitate, for some reason, Lu Jian Shen's heart was blocked.

With a loose hand, he directly placed Nan Xi on the ground, opening his mouth with a cool voice: "Nothing, it's just to test you, you're really guarding yourself for that man."

Nan Xi was winded.

So what she just said was simply teasing her?

But why, she actually felt that someone was a bit jealous.

Big fool.

Big dummy.

The "that man" you're talking about is clearly yourself.

You're jealous of yourself.

Sure enough, even if a man doesn't love, he will never allow his woman to be touched by anyone else, not even if he is attached to another man.

Lu Jian Shen was no exception, the same overbearing man.

Arriving at the living room, Nan Xi smiled brightly and walked inside, happily shouting as she walked, "Grandpa, I'm back with See Deep."

As a result, there was surprisingly no grandfather in the living room.

Lu See-Shen ordered someone to put away the things he bought and looked to the person next to him, "Uncle Zhou, where's grandpa!"

"Grandpa is tired and just fell asleep in his room."

Lu Jian Shen frowned and quickly realized something and asked, "Tell me honestly, has grandpa's condition deepened again recently."

"Ai!" Uncle Zhou sighed, "The old man hasn't let us tell you and the young lady for fear that you'll be worried, and in this recent week, the situation has been getting worse every day, with more and more sleepy moments."

Nan Xi listened not to mention how sad and guilty she felt.

Grandpa was so sick, she didn't even know, how could she be someone's granddaughter-in-law.

"I'll go up to see grandpa."

Just as Nan Xi finished speaking, Lu Jian Shen grabbed her wrist, "Go after dinner."

"But I want to see grandpa first."

"Didn't you hear Uncle Zhou say that grandpa just went to sleep, if he knows you're back, he might refuse to go to sleep, when he's done eating and he's sleeping, we'll go see him together."

Lu Jian Shen had a point, Nan Xi then nodded, "Good."

"Young master, young madam, this side to eat, the master knows that you guys are coming back for lunch, early in the morning he ordered us to buy a good amount of food that madam likes to eat, especially this king crab, flown in early in the morning, it's big and fresh."

"The old master knew that the young lady likes to eat, and was very overbearing, and asked for back the few best ones that the other owner had kept for himself."

The more Nan Xi listened, the more she felt her heart sour.

Although the current her was almost like an orphan.

But the love her grandfather gave her was enough to warm all the warmth that had been missing for so many years.

How fortunate she was to have met Grandpa; and how fortunate she was to be his granddaughter-in-law.

Grandpa so hoped that she and Jian Shen would be good, but once the birthday was over, she had to personally mention the divorce to Grandpa, thinking like this, Nan Xi felt more and more intolerant.

"Quickly, quickly, it's hot, young lady eat quickly." Uncle Zhou personally took the king crab for Nan Xi and was busy before and after.

Nan Xi was just about to extend her chopsticks when a sudden violent feeling of regurgitation hit her.

She immediately ran to the bathroom and threw up, but as soon as she returned to the table, she covered her lips and ran to the restroom to throw up again as soon as she smelled the smell of the king crab.

Just as Nan Xi returned to the table, she saw Mrs. Zhou bring a cup of warm water while looking at her with a smile.

"Has the young lady been to the hospital recently, looking at you this looks very much like you're in ecstasy, I'm afraid there's already a little baby in your belly, the old man's dream of holding a little great-grandson will soon be realized."


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