Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 16 Nanxi, You Are Jealous

Nan Xi stumbled, she turned around and quickly ran away.

The rest of the picture, she really didn't have the courage to look at.

If she could regret it, she would rather she never opened this door.

"Lu Jian Shen, you're really cruel you know that?" Nanxi leaned against the wall, panting hard.

Her heart hurt so much that she had no choice but to press it hard.

As if by numbing the heart, it would stop hurting.

Suddenly, her stomach turned over, and Nan Xi ran to the restroom and vomited.

In the end, all of her breakfast was vomited out, and in the end, there was nothing left in her stomach to vomit, only bitter juice remained.

I don't remember how long she threw up, she lay on her back on the sink, her black hair messily stained on her face, her face was even so pale that there was not a trace of blood color, the whole person looked wretched.

Just then, a knock came from outside the door, "Nanxi, open the door."

Lu Jishen's voice.

He actually followed him here.

After all the kisses, why would he still follow her here and stab her in the chest again?

Nanxi leaned her back against the door, her tired body sliding down weakly, she didn't want to say yes, she just wanted to pretend she didn't hear anything.

But Lu Jian Shen's voice, however, became more and more forceful: "I know you're inside, I'll give you three minutes, if you don't open the door again, I'll directly smash it."

Nanxi was ultimately shocked by these words, and in the last few seconds, she stood up and twisted open the door lock.

"Why did you lock yourself in?" Looking at her messy hair, Lu Jianxuan frowned unhappily.

"Bad mood!" She said.

It seemed like there was nothing to hide when it came down to it.

"Just because she hugged me?"

"Just hugging?" Nan Xi lifted her eyelids and looked at him coolly: "Obviously, she even kissed, I saw it with my own eyes, are you going to tell me that there's something wrong with my eyes, or are you guys misaligned?"

Who would believe such a clumsy lie!

She had long since stopped being a three year old.

"Are you jealous?" Lu Jianxuan's dark eyes looked at her.

Nan Xi had been holding herself together, but when she heard him ask this, she instantly felt a million times more aggrieved.

She took a step forward and suddenly buried her head into Lu Jianxuan's arms, her slender fingers reaching out to poke his chest, and slowly said in a voice so small that it made people's hearts ache, "Lu Jianxuan, you can't bully me like this."

"I know you want to divorce me, but after all, we're not divorced yet, I'm still your wife, don't you have to pay attention to your identity."

Sure enough, she was still angry.

It seems that being jealous is a woman's nature.

Even if the person she loves is not him.

"Isn't it that you don't love me? Why are you still jealous?" Suddenly, Lu Jianxuan asked.

Nan Xi was furious, reaching out and pulling on his tie, the look on her face living like a little wildcat with teeth and claws, "Then according to you, if you don't love me, I can go out and fool around, then look for a little puppy and raise a bunch of little fresh meat, you don't care anyway."

"You dare?"

Lu Jian Shen's instant anger gnashed his teeth: 'Remember your identity, Nanxi, we're not divorced yet.'

"You also remember your identity, if you're like this with Fang Qinglian again, I'll go to a nightclub to find a little milk dog." Nanxi instantly had a bottom.

"What's a little milk dog?" Lu Jianxuan frowned.

Nanxi bristled, "Anyway, it's not like you."

"Then what kind of me?"

"You!" Nanxi looked at him, her heartbeat suddenly missed a beat, but she quickly put away the panic in her heart, "You're an uncle level, compared to them, there's no marketability."

"Say that again?" Lu Jianxuan was a bit angry, he cupped Nanxi's ear with one hand.

Nanxi's ears were always sensitive, and when she was pinched by him like this, her heart jumped and her ears instantly turned red.

Licking her lips, she added: "Young wolfdogs are young and have good stamina, but they are prone to scum; it's still good to have a big uncle, gentle and gold, handsome and considerate, it's the right choice for all women."

Unfortunately, uncle often has a heart, what's the use of being good, it's not even hers in the future.

This sentence, Nan Xi did not say, silently hidden in her heart.

Lu Jianxian's God but eased a lot, looking at her gaze is also much gentler.

"What did you come to find me for?" Returning to the topic, Lu Jianxuan asked.

Remembering the purpose of her visit, Nan Xi immediately said, "Grandpa said that he wants us to go back to the old mansion to stay for the next two days, to spend more time with him, and I've already promised to go back with you to have lunch with him."

"Good, then wait for me."


Crossing the corner, Lu Jian Shen walked into Fang Qinglian's hospital room, and Nan Xi was waiting for him outside the room.

Originally expecting a few minutes, when Lu Jian Shen pushed the door out, Nan Xi thought he had already all settled in.

"Qinglian said that she wants to see you."

Nanxi clenched her fists and frowned, after hesitating for a while, she gathered her courage, "But I don't want to see her."

At this moment, Fang Qinglian's voice came from inside: "Nanxi, I don't mean any harm, I just want to meet you and apologize to you."

Apologize to her?

Forget it, she was not blessed to receive it.

Besides, this was clearly a play, Fang Qinglian wanted to act for Lu Jian Shen, why should she obediently cooperate with her.

Suddenly, a warmth came from her hand, her small hand was held by Lu Jian Shen in the palm of his hand, and he directly led her to Fang Qinglian's hospital bed.

Seeing her, Fang Qinglian smiled gently, "Nanxi, I want to thank you, if it wasn't for you, Jian Shen wouldn't have been able to find the person who bumped into me so quickly; I also want to solemnly apologize to you for what happened yesterday, it's my fault, the division of the property was meant to be a matter between you and Jian Shen, I shouldn't have interfered."

"So I'm really sorry."

These crowning words, Nan Xi didn't want to hear them at all.

In order to get it over with quickly, she could only respond against her will, "Let's call this matter over, you get well!"

"Then in that case, you've really forgiven me?" Fang Qinglian made a surprised expression, a face of leaping and excitement.

"Uh-huh." Nan Xi responded in a widowed manner.

Just when she thought that the conversation between the two was over and she could leave, suddenly, Fang Qinglian opened her mouth again.

"Nanxi, since you've already forgiven me, I have an unkind request, when you go back to the old mansion this time, can you bring back the household register and marriage certificate from grandpa?"


Nanxi snorted coldly in her heart, she knew Fang Qinglian wasn't that kind.

After talking for so long, it was just for this.

It was also true that without the household registration book and marriage certificate, she couldn't divorce Lu Jian Shen even if she signed it.

Fang Qinglian was really thoughtful and was already sparing no effort to drive her away.

"Sorry." This time, Nan Xi refused directly and decisively, "This depends on Grandpa's decision, it's not just me saying it's okay, Grandpa's health is not good, I'll definitely respect him, and definitely won't force him."

After saying that, Nan Xi broke away from Lu Jian Shen's hand and directly left.

When the two of them took the car back to the old mansion, it was quiet inside, so quiet that even a pin falling on the ground could be heard.

"How did she know that our marriage license and household register are at Grandpa's place?" Nan Xi looked at Lu Jian Shen and couldn't hold back her question any longer.


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