Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 30

Back at home on the back of a tired body. The house was still empty. The children had not yet returned. Pushing open the door into my room, my body has been weak. I know it's not the sickness, it's not the physical discomfort, it's the fact that I can't accept such a cruel fact for a moment. Maybe it was that I...maybe it was that I hadn't realized that my feelings for Luhan were this deep. Everything has gone beyond my expectations.


Gently, I took out the bottle and wiped the already polished it over and over again. A small spoonful wasn't much, but it was enough to save my country! Even if I give up on myself, I can't give up on my country!

Suddenly I heard movement outside and stepped out to see that Sehun and Luhan were back. They were obviously taken aback to see me.

Sehun dragged Luhan with him and asked me in surprise, "Auntie, why are you back?"

Luhan didn't look too good, and his face paled even more.

I rushed forward to help Sehun support Luhan, "I'm better, I'm fine already, so I came back! What's wrong with Luhan?"

Sehun was about to say something but was interrupted by Luhan, only to hear Luhan's weak and ethereal voice, "It's okay, I practiced for a long time today, I'll be fine if I go back and rest for a while! Sehun, help me up!"

Sehun turned toward me and said, "Auntie, you should rest too! I'll help my brother up first!"

My heart really clenched and hurt as I saw Luhan struggling up the stairs one step at a time. It was like being hooked, unwilling to leave even though it was dripping with blood. Luhan, how can I bear to see you like this?

Seeing Sehun come down, I hurriedly pulled him to sit on the cream-colored sofa, "Sehun, tell Auntie the truth, what's wrong with Luhan, him?"

Sehun kept his head down so I couldn't see his expression, and after a long time he spoke, "Brother he...he's working hard, he's tired from practicing for so long, that's why he's like this!"

I held back the tears in my eyes and growled, "Nonsense, tell me the truth, what's wrong with Luhan him?"

He twisted his head to look at me, the uneasiness and sadness in his eyes unmistakable, " he has low blood sugar and he's...that's why he's like this because of the many blood transfusions he gave the older woman! Brother his health has always been very bad! All this time rushing for activities, he hasn't been able to rest properly!"

Listening to his sad tone, I close my eyes and I can see Luhan's eyebrows locked in pain from dizziness during practice. He was working so hard for his dream. But me, I'm the one dragging my feet, how can someone with low blood sugar donate so much blood to me? There seemed to be a large ball of cotton that had been shoved so hard into my heart that there was no longer any space in it to carry anything.

I did my best to suppress myself and try to calm my voice, ''Sehun, take good care of him! I'll go prepare some congee for him!"

Looking at the rolling, boiling casserole, I scooped a spoonful and tasted it; it needed to simmer a little longer. Putting the lid on, I gently made my way to the second floor, the door to the house was ajar, and through the crack I saw Luhan lying on the bed. That scene is something I will never forget.

Luhan himself is very thin, at this time he feels even more weak. He was already very white, and his face was not a bit of life. It was pale and pallid. His brows were locked all the time, never stretching. There were also beads of crystalline sweat on his forehead that emitted a bit of light under the refraction of the remaining summer light!

A horrible thought scurried into my mind at the door.

Why does it look so much like a messianic angel?


Luhan, can you tell me why your brow is locked?

Luhan, can you tell me why you know you have low blood sugar, but still want to transfuse so much blood to me?

Luhan, can you tell me why you're so warm all the time?

The foot that stepped out, retreated back and gently closed the door of the room.

Tears fell like a dike.

Luhan, can you tell me why you're so heartbreaking?

Sehun, at the corner of the stairs, stood there, at a loss for words. Hurriedly, he descended the stairs.


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