Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 29

Eyes shone through the window, shining on my skin, and a slight warmth spread throughout my body. From now on, it was Luhan's blood that stayed in my body. I gripped my wrists tightly, enjoying the beat of my pulse! Taking a big breath, it seemed to still smell like Luhan. With that, my heart made a big resolution to never let any drop of blood come out from inside my body from now on!

Between snapping my head down, I saw the wrinkles on the back of my hand slowly unfolding and gradually smoothing out. I was stunned.

My body was undergoing this change.

I looked unbelievingly at my arm, and little by little the unfolding wrinkles brought tears to my eyes. How could this change then my face? I violently lifted the covers and rushed to the bathroom because the only place I had a mirror was in the bathroom. Staring at myself in the bathroom mirror for a long time. The initial disbelief gradually changed to delight, gradually changed to doubt.

Although I have not fully recovered my original youthful appearance, I am not so old now. At least many deep wrinkles have disappeared. What magical power was changing my body?

I gripped the cold crystal necklace around my neck and recited that incantation for the second time.

"Why has my body suddenly become a little younger? Did you do this?"

The vicissitudes of the hoarse voice over there made me shudder to hear, "Me? You're too good at thinking, I would never take the initiative to make you younger, except for that one method! Well, last time I didn't tell you not to call me anything!"

I asked anxiously, "But why has my body changed, many of the wrinkles on my body have faded a lot? Why is that?"

"This...this! I'm not sure, take me back to check!"

Then no matter what I asked again, there was no response.

Stunned, I held my body towards the outside, the silence in the hospital made me even more scared. In the hospital, it seems that I can still smell the breath of death. Since childhood, the most afraid of is to go to the hospital, when I was a child because I was afraid of injections, afraid of pain. Growing up, I was afraid of death in the hospital.

I rushed back to the hospital room, took off the hospital gown I was wearing, packed up my things and left the hospital. In the corridor, snapped to see the doctor rushing into the ward with a bag of blood, blood! Suddenly like the night cut through a bright lightning, is it because of Lu Han's blood?

I forced myself to calm down, if it really wasn't that person's manipulation, then there was only one possibility, it was Luhan's blood that made me younger. The reason why I couldn't reach my original appearance must be because the blood I inhaled from Luhan wasn't enough! So if I were to become like my original self, wouldn't that mean...?

I didn't even dare to think about what happened next. I just asked over and over again in my mind, why does it have to be Luhan, why does it have to be Luhan!

If my guess was really correct, then the consequences of changing me into my original form was really something I couldn't dare to imagine.

Although the summer sun was so hot, I was feeling extremely cold, cold from the inside out. Shivering, I didn't even have the strength to walk, and crouched beside the road.

If I wanted to return to my original form, then I would need more of Luhan's blood, which would definitely threaten Luhan's life.

My mind went back to this over and over again, if this is the case then how much blood is it that he told me he collected from 12?

Suddenly hahaha laughter erupted.

"Don't worry, it won't take much blood, it won't jeopardize their lives, it's just as much as a small spoonful! You're a different story, since that kid's blood can turn you back to your old self, it's up to you to decide your own fate. But don't forget, the fate of your family still needs the tears and blood of these 12 people! Haha!"

I tried my best to suppress the anger and fear within me and vociferously said, "If I had to choose between me and Luhan! I'd rather trade 30 years of my youth for Luhan's lifetime of peace!"


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