Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 27

"Now the older woman has hit her head and is bleeding profusely, she needs a blood transfusion!" Kris said as she took the list and looked at everyone with a somber face.

"What blood type is needed?" CHEN asked, looking up.

Everyone stared at kris with burning eyes. but kris shook his head, "The doctor doesn't know what kind of blood type is needed either."

TAO got anxious and asked, "How can even the doctor not know what kind of blood type is needed?"

At this time a sullen Luhan, pulled off the hat on his head, threw it onto the stool, got up and said, "Whatever her blood type, I'm type O, I'll do it!"

Berhyeon also followed and stood up, "I'm also type O!"

Kris greeted the three, "Let's go, let's go! I'm type O too, just leave it to us, you guys wait here!"

The three came to the doctor together and extended their arms at the same time, saying, "We're all type O!"

The doctor looked at them with a face full of astonishment, "Type O? You're all type O?"

The three of them nodded at the same time and hmmm'd.

"Alright, you guys come with me!" The doctor led the three to the blood draw "Which one of you will go first?"

Luhan was about to rush up, but was stopped by Kris, "I'll go first, auntie did me a huge favor, I have nothing to thank her for, let me go first today!"

Watching the blood in the bag slowly getting more and more, kris' face paled a little.

Bo-hyun called out, "It's okay, it's okay! kris has been malnourished lately!"

The doctor stopped moving and hurriedly took the nurse with him and headed for the ward. A moment later, he returned with a dark face.

"No, the patient has a special constitution and can't absorb it!"

Luhan tried his best to ninja his anger and roared, "What special physique, isn't it still a human being even if it's special? What can't be absorbed?"

Bo Xian held Luhan back and comforted him, "Don't be anxious, don't be angry! This is a hospital!"

"Try mine, mine's o-shaped too!" Bo-hyun sat down and held out his arm. Another bag of blood.

But as he watched the doctor come back again with a sad face, Luhan was completely furious. He came up and yelled at him with a tug, "Can you treat it or not! Type O blood isn't compatible with anyone!"

Kris and Bo Xian rushed up and pulled Luhan away. kris said, "Calm down! Calm down!"

The doctor also lost his nerve and said, "This is really strange, I've been practicing medicine for so many years, but I've never seen such a weird thing!"

Luhan broke away from the two men and sat down with a clunk, "Smoke me!"

The doctor sighed as he looked at Lu Han's angry and anxious look ah, "Young man, they all have type O blood too! You're the only one with special type O blood? Just wait a little longer, let's see if we can figure out a better solution later!!!"

Luhan remained persistent and stared at him with steely eyes word for word, resounding, "Draw mine!"

The doctor looked at him like that and shook his head as he pulled out an empty bag, "Young man, what you're doing now is useless!"

Pain coursed through his arm and Luhan's brows were tightly situated together. Even if it was useless, he couldn't give up!

The doctor withdrew the syringe and Luhan opened his eyes to see that there was only a little bit of blood, so he pulled himself to his feet and asked, "Just a little bit? Can it be?"

The doctor looked at Luhan helplessly, his tone full of desperate negativity, "Young man, even if you draw too much, it's all a waste!"

Wasted! Before Luhan could react, the doctor sighed and walked towards the ward. Luhan and Bo-hyun and kris looked at each other for a moment and followed in. Watching the blood was going in a little bit at a time. Everyone was holding their breath, not daring to gasp.

Suddenly the doctor yelled, "No good! The patient is in conflict! Quickly pull out!"

Looking at the frail woman lying on the bed, everyone was sad and gloomy. Suddenly Luhan noticed the corner of the eyes of the aunt lying on the bed move. Luhan was pleasantly surprised and tugged at the doctor, "Doctor, doctor, go ahead and give the Great God a blood transfusion, the corner of the elder woman's eye moved!"

The doctor took a closer look and saw that the patient who was pale and short of breath just now had slowly regained his composure, he was also shocked and said while inserting the tubes, "It's really strange? Why couldn't the blood just now be transfused in? Just your blood can be transfused into the patient's body?"


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