Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 26

When I looked up, I saw the supermarket across the street, so I told them to wait for a moment, and immediately set off towards the supermarket across the street, the vehicles on the road were coming and going, but it was an emergency, so I couldn't care less. I ran straight into the road. The sound of a dripping car horn sounded.

"Nuts! Don't you know any traffic rules!"

I heard someone open their mouth to scold me, but scolding was fine, nothing mattered to me. I rushed into the supermarket and bought water and pens. Looking at the kids, they were all a bit out of sorts, so I bought another bottle of peppermint lozenges. Still rushing like this, I rushed towards the opposite side of the street.

"Ma'am, let me help you!"

A cute little girl reached out to help me carry it. I see that she's holding the kids' album, she should be here for today's signing, just what is she doing here with me if she's not going to go stand in line properly?

"No need little girl, hurry up and go line up, in a while this signing will be over!"

She had an aggrieved look on her face, and tears were about to flow down her face. I was a little alarmed.

"Don't cry, I didn't say anything too heavy!"

She took my hand and begged, "Auntie, help me! I know you're the brothers' assistant, help me, I got up at 5am to line up, but there are still so many people, it's not even my turn today, please, auntie, help me!"

I was in a dilemma as I was anxious to leave while being pestered by her.

"Alright, alright. You give me this album, I'll have them sign it later, and then at 10:00 sharp you'll meet me in front of..." I looked around "you'll meet me in front of that coffee shop over there on time!"

The kids were signing in the lobby of the building, the coffee shop was the one next to the building, not far from there, and there weren't many people there.

She thanked me profusely and handed me the album, instructing me to make sure Sehun signed it for her. I nodded my head back and forth, and grabbed my way back to the signing place.

"Water!" I dangled a bottle of water in front of the kids. Then I gave the pen to TAO, and then went from one to the other, delivering the mint lozenges to the kids. Bo-hyun quietly gave me a thumbs up from behind.

With a smile on my face, I came over to Sehun, "Sehun, there's a fan who especially likes you, why don't you sign this for him!"

"Okay!" Sehun took the album and was about to take it to the table. I immediately yanked it back "Just sign it down here, otherwise it's not good if the fans see it!"

He winked at me and smiled mischievously, "Auntie is so thoughtful and considerate!"

I patted him on the back, "Be good, don't be naughty!"

The book signing finally ended with a huge wave of crying fans. The kids were escorted to their cars and it was down to the point where they could go home and rest first, then go down to the 2 o'clock's where they still had to go to the office.

I took this opportunity, is searching for just that little girl, but how can not see people, turn around a look did not to her then to super fast speed to Sehun pounced! Sehun was in the middle of a firefight with Luhan at the moment, and the security guards were watching the fans leave the venue in an orderly fashion, and didn't notice the woman in the cafe. She was so crazy, if she really got her way, what the hell. I quickly sprinted that way and yelled, "Sehun look out!"

Sehun twisted his head to check where the sound originated, and the fan just rushed at 120 mph, and was about to capture Sehun when I sped up my horsepower and, at a speed of 150 mph, I leapt up and pushed Sehun out of the way, and the fan just managed to pounce unbiasedly and landed on top of me, and I fell hard because, well, I leapt too high. Sehun, who was pushed out by me, didn't receive any injuries because he was held up by Luhan in time.

Later, I heard from the members that Sehun cried in fear when he saw blood coming out of my head!

"Quick, send it to the hospital! What are you waiting for!" Xiumin shouted!


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