Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 25

"Get up! Get up!" I started going upstairs one by one in the morning and knocking on doors... the kids are such lazy bums. As soon as they fall asleep, they lose track of time.

Xiumin jolted up behind me, startling me.

"Xiumin, you're up pretty early, huh? But why don't you make any noise when you walk? Scared me to death!" I covered my chest and said with a face full of amazement.

Xiu Min opened her eyes in a daze, her round face was very cute, "Auntie ah, I'm sorry! I'm going to get dressed and get up. I'll call them later!"

I was relieved, "Alright, I'll leave it to you. Every time I wake up the kids, it's the hardest thing to do, I'm going down to prepare breakfast. get them all up within 10 minutes!"

We had to be at the signing place at 8:00, and now it was almost 7:00, so the kids got up and cleaned up and it was time to meet them. The power of Big Brother really does make a difference, and one by one the kids were called up. I put the prepared breakfast on the table. Seeing that TAO was still sleeping against Kris, I banged my hand hard on the table. The kids, on the other hand, woke up one by one in a daze.

"Still sleeping, kids, look at what time it is now. If you don't eat, you'll have to leave immediately, but you're willing to go hungry!"

Chanyeol straightened his hair and said leisurely, "We don't even eat on time on weekdays, we eat when we're hungry, and when we have time, we eat!"

One by one, the members were still nodding their heads in agreement with ennui. Anger immediately rushed to my head, and then pulled out a picture from my cell phone, and sent it to them one by one: "See, your irresponsibility to yourselves is the same as being irresponsible to millions of fans, and their craziness nowadays is all because of your existence, and if one day your own body collapses, the fans who are there because of you can be asked to What are you going to do? Are you going to let them follow you to the end?"

The members all looked at each other, dumbfounded. After a few seconds of silence, each of them immediately grabbed milk and bread and devoured them. That's when I broke into a triumphant smile. Children, protecting your safety and health is my greatest wish, Mo Nuanxin. Everything else is put down. Love...let it freeze as my eyes glanced over Lu Han.

Love is something that can be desired but not sought after for me after all.

"Okay Master, you can drive now!"

I said to Master after I closed the car door. I was sitting against the side of the door, no matter when, I had to be the last one to get on the bus and the first one to get off. Sitting next to me was kai.

He whispered to me, "Ma'am, you were amazing this morning!"

I guffawed, "Was I?" KAI's face was a little flushed. He is not good at complimenting people, and he always looks so shy. There aren't many men who can blush like that. When I was a kid, I heard my mom tell me that a man who blushes is a good man. kai he...

He guessed he felt me watching him and turned back towards me with a slight smile.

I panicked and withdrew my own smile and eyes. The annoying feeling is about to start growing again. What is this feeling anyway?

The kids were laughing and joking the whole way, and I admired how energetic they always were!

Finally, the cries and shouts were heard and the fans had formed a long line. The players were all stunned, they really didn't expect such an image to appear within a week of their fresh debut, did they?

One by one, the kids all took their seats under the protection of the security guards, just at 8 o'clock. The fans also came in order each in an orderly fashion, but each fan was eager to talk more to their idol, so they all left under urging. It went on like this for an hour, and the members each looked a little tired.

"Ma'am, did you bring water?" Lay asked in a small voice.

"Ajumma, did you bring a pen? This one of mine seems to be a bit faulty and I can't use it!" TAO also tried to lower his voice as much as possible and asked me for help.

Gosh, I didn't bring anything!


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