Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 23

I cautiously came to the living room and saw that everyone was all sad. kris was sitting there with a black face and his manager Jo Kwon was very irritated. i saw the newspaper that was just delivered today sitting on the coffee table. in the photo, Kris stopped his female assistant with a little bit of misty eyes and the female assistant did fall into Kris's arms in a daze. And Kris just happens to still have his head down and seems to want to kiss her. How could such an intimate photo be taken. Besides how could Kris? He has always been cold but has always been a responsible and principled person ah.

TAO whispered, "Don't blame Kris, it's most important to think about how to solve it now!"

Kris spoke out coldly, "I didn't do it, I don't need to explain anything!"

Jo Kwon angrily pointed at him and said, "Do you think that with the current situation, the rumors will not break? Dream on, if you don't come forward to explain, your image will be completely ruined, and so will EXO's!"

Chanyeol turned to the newspaper, frowned, and said, "What's going on here? How did it get photographed?"

CHEN sighed and said, "It's all because of the celebratory drinks, everyone drank a bit too much that night and she had to ask Kris to hold her up before she could walk, and on the way, she even pushed herself towards Kris one by one."

Soo Min also interjected, "I think she said something, Kris didn't hear it, so he lowered his head and asked her what she said, and it was such a coincidence that it was caught on camera."

TAO tugged on Kris' shorts and carefully asked, "Brother, what did she say?"

Jo Kwon snarled, "Whatever she said, Kris you shouldn't have asked. Look at the way things are going now, how can it be good?"

At this time, Bo-hyun suddenly exclaimed, "Ah, Kris' brother's fan base dropped by more than 10,000!"

Kris was stoic, as if someone else had fixed him, not understanding a single movement, but the disgust and revulsion in his eyes was indeed a package of speechlessness. He was just stubborn!

Luhan wrapped his arms around himself and said, "We must hurry to clarify the facts, this cannot be delayed. Brother Zhao, is it okay for the company to step in on this?"

Good job, Deubao, you're the only one who's the calmest at this point.

Zhao Quan shook his head, "In this kind of matter, it has to be the person himself! The company is is a third party, it's not good to say! Even if they say it, the credibility isn't strong!"

I look at them one by one are all worried, the heart also followed the anxious, suddenly saw the newspaper on the long-haired woman vaguely reveals the smile, with my intuition to judge, she is premeditated. Maybe she didn't mean any harm, she just wanted to get closer to Kris, never expecting to be photographed.

So I said aloud, "Party, besides Kris, there is another person!"

Everyone was looking at me in amazement at this point, and the corners of Kris's mouth lifted up lightly, expressing his praise for me with an unruly smile.

Chanyeol held up the paper and pointed at the girl, "Yeah! Wouldn't it be nice to have her come out and explain it to everyone!"

Lay snapped to his feet and smiled, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, if Kris comes and says it, it will inevitably fall under the suspicion of sophistry, and it's just right to have her come out and say it in this matter! The effect is better than any one person saying it! And it won't make everyone feel resentful towards Kris!"

Luhan smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Jo Kwon sized me up carefully before saying, "I really didn't expect the older woman's mind to turn quite so quickly! This is how it's going to be!"

I was a bit embarrassed to be praised by so many people. I looked a bit rushed and uneasy.

"Auntie, are you willing to be the children's assistant!" Zhao Quan asked with a smirk.

"What?" I pointed at myself and asked in amazement, "It can't be me, right?"

Zhao Quan looped his arms and looked at me with a smile, "It's you!"


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