Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 22

Suho nodded his head thoughtfully, "So that's how it is, when you put it like that, it feels quite meaningful, we just debuted this year, so why don't we plant it today so it can grow with us!"

Bulging eyes still darting between the members, "Sounds pretty meaningful, let's do it together!"

Good~ Everyone stood up, one by one, and one by one, they were eager to try.

I took a white porcelain container with seeds in it and organized, "Alright, alright! Kids, listen to me... First you water, then you loosen the soil. Then you can plant. Assign yourselves the task!"

Sehun pulled kai and said, "I'll go water with kai! Walk!"

Before kai could speak, he was dragged out by Sehun.

Chanyeol stopped Bo-hyun's shoulder and smiled, "I'll go loosen the soil with Bo-hyun, and you guys, suho and d. o brother, go plant the flowers! I'll leave the last process to you guys!"

Bo-hyun mischievously poked his tongue out and gave a triumphant look.

Suho had a laid back look, "Okay, you guys are all done, so it's me and d.o's turn to come out! Go on, go on!"

I put the seeds on the table, "I'm going to go see how they two kids are doing. It's going to be a while before they can loosen the soil after watering. Why don't you guys take a break!"

I came out to see that they had, as expected, played. The two children's bodies, there were soaked, but the smiles on their faces were so bright.

"Alright..! It's okay. Stop playing, it's easy to catch a cold like this." I hollered at them.

But the two kids were still there laughing and joking, not very happy. Countless water droplets flew up to the sky, and after being illuminated by the daylight, they emitted rainbow-like colors. I was a little dazed at the sight.

Sehun shouted, "kai ah! You haven't danced in the water yet, have you, let's try it today!"

kai giggled, "Yeah, not even once!" So turning off the switch he was holding, he went to the basketball court in front of him and just danced with reckless abandon.

Every move he made was dominant and strong. One by one it hammered into my heart. I hurriedly fished my cell phone out of my pocket and recorded such a beautifully unique stage.

As kai's dance ended, Sehun also turned off the switch, and both of them were soaked. But they were smiling happily. I told them to quickly go back and change into clean clothes, then waited for a while before taking Chanyeol and Bo-hyun to loosen the soil, then sowed the seeds with suho and d. o. I told them to hurry back and change into clean clothes.

Looking at the fruits of our labor, I smiled brightly and hoped that this time next year, a large rosebush would grow here, as bright and charming as the children's smiles today!

In the evening, Bo-hyun said to me, "Auntie you're wonderful, our dormitory life has never been so wonderful and meaningful!"

"Yeah, it seems like a long time since I've laughed so happily!" Sehun looked reminiscent.

I just guffawed and went back to the kitchen. That's when I heard Sehun ask, "suho ah, M's coming back tomorrow right!"

Suho hmmm'd. Then there was a silence.

Back. Although I tried my best to suppress it, I was still excited inside. Expecting tomorrow to come sooner. The thought of Luhan's handsome face and charming eyes kept me calm for a long time.

With sweet anticipation, I entered dreamland, but I was woken up by a loud noise, and when I opened my eyes in a daze, a piercing voice drilled into my ears in advance.

"Kao did not consider the consequences, have you ever considered for the team members, have you ever considered for exo as a collective! Now that the media has exploded, with such a big negative impact, how to end it! Just debuted and made this mess, how can I manage you in the future!"

I was shocked, it was their manager reprimanding them, what happened? What negative impact, what got blown out of proportion. So immediately I took out my phone and searched for exo, and this time what came out was no longer the number one ranked kids' new song MAMA. Instead, it turned out to be exom member kris molesting his female assistant!

I go, such powerful news, no wonder it's jumping up to the number one spot! But how is that possible?


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